Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Donut Man

The Donut Man
3224 Austin Peay Hwy
(901) 388-9500

This review is a bit overdue...several weeks ago a Facebook friend gave me a tip, "Yo Gurl...u gotta do something on the Donut Man. So F$%@ing Good. Get the Dark Chocolate Twists."

How could I not try it?

Longtime readers know that Warren used to work at a donut shop in California, and that as a family we have done a pretty thorough scouring of donut shops in Memphis.

As a result, the monkeys (Satchel, 10, and Jiro, 8) are serious donut fans. One Sunday morning we ventured out to Bartlett to check out the Donut Man. (Warren stayed home to do some work on the porch.)

For whatever reason, I didn't take many pictures, but the place is very similar to Donald's, which we consider a good thing. There was a wide variety of donuts and kolaches, and I wondered if the Donut Man wasn't actually related to Donald, just going by looks.


What the Donut Man has that Donald does not, is pretty pink booths. And sno cones! The bulk of our visit was consumed by Jiro begging for a sno cone and me explaining why it wasn't a good idea to follow up two donuts and a kolache with a sno cone.

But really, which one do you think actually has more sugar? Probably the donuts, right? But at least they don't have food coloring. Try telling that to Jiro.

All in all, the Donut Man is a nice place--very friendly staff and high quality donuts. However, the drive and the sno cone distraction will probably keep us going to Donald's first. Two other negatives were the fact that the restrooms were out of order and the trash cans were overflowing. Thankfully there was a sink outside of the restrooms so Jiro could wash his hands before we left.

Oh, and we totally forgot to try the chocolate twists!

The two donuts I brought home to Warren were deemed up to snuff.

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