Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gibson's Donuts

Gibson's Donuts
760 Mount Moriah Rd
(901) 682-8200


How have I never reviewed Gibson's? We've been plenty of times. Several years ago I took the monkeys (Satchel, 10 and Jiro, 8) to see how the donuts were made when I was doing a story for Memphis Parent, and we also did some serious tasting for another story for the Memphis Flyer. The Memphis Parent story has gone into the ether, but I do have Chip's pictures (see above) and the Flyer story is alive and well. Here's what I said in my Flyer story:

For those unpredictable donut cravings, head to Gibson's (760 Mt. Moriah, 682-8200), which never closes. Ever. (They also have the best sign.) The cooks come in at 10 p.m. and work until 8 or 10 the next morning — and more like noon on the weekends. That should give you an idea of how many donuts Gibson's sells. "We sell more than we can count," offers Melissa Wilbanks, a cashier. The busiest times are on weekend mornings when the under-5 crowd takes over and at 11 p.m. each night when the sale starts. Sale donuts go for $1.40 for a half-dozen rather than the usual 60 to 75 cents each.

In addition to serving expertly made donuts, Gibson's has a lot of personality. Owner Don DeWeese likes to keep his regulars on their toes by throwing doughnuts to them across the store with little warning. He'll also let you sneak a peek in the kitchen to see how the donuts are made if they aren't too busy. On your birthday, he'll even make you a Texas Donut that's the size of a cake.

Now, as I've said before, Donald's is our donut shop of choice, but with the addition of the maple bacon donuts at Gibson's, we seem to be finding ourselves there more and more.


Warren and Satchel love the bacon donuts. Jiro and I do not. I think they are waaaaaaaaaaay too sweet, but I am a fan of the red velvet. (I usually wipe the frosting off to keep the sweet down.) Jiro loves the chocolate with blue sprinkles. I'm thinking these are Memphis Tigers related?


We were at Gibson's this last Saturday around 1:00pm after playing soccer nearby. The service is always fast and friendly--maybe a little too fast. Be sure you know what you want! Usually there are several teenagers waiting to get you sugared up ASAP.

Drink choices include the standard milk, soda, and hot coffee. I really wanted iced coffee, and the girl said if I went next door to Subway for a cup of ice, she'd hook me up, but I just went with a Diet Coke.


Overall, I'd say Gibson's is a solid choice for donuts. However, I don't know that I'd want to really hang out there. The trash cans were overflowing and when Jiro and I went to the restrooms to wash up, they were horrific. Mostly the smell. But wow. As Richard Ransom would say, "Clean it up!" Or was that Andy Wise? Anyways, not all of those teens need to work the counter--let's get some of them cleaning up a bit!

And there is one other pitfall to eating in. You might find yourself staring at Gus's Fried Chicken and decide to go there next, which is exactly what we did. Oof.

p.s. Gibson's also has a merch case which includes one of our very favorite books, The Donut Chef.

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