Friday, August 28, 2015

The Tomato Head (Knoxville)

The Tomato Head
12 Market Square
Knoxville, TN 37902
(865) 637-4067

Tons of people suggested we eat at The Tomato Head, and I was in the mood for something healthy, so I strong armed the monkeys into having lunch there before we hit the road.


It was also on Market Square. I loved the decor.


We arrived just as they opened and got a booth inside. It quickly filled up, so I was glad we got there when we did.


The menu lists all sorts of delicious sandwiches and pizzas, but I ordered a boring salad. Well, it wasn't boring, but I kinda wish I would have just gotten something decadent. My chef salad was great though, definitely exciting as far as salads go.


It was huge! And cost $10.95. Yikes!

Jiro ordered pepperoni rolls off of the appetizer menu. I was jealous.


Satchel ordered plain pasta off of the kids menu. WTF.


I think the menu was too full of vegetables and healthy sounding things for the kids. I'd definitely like a do over. Actually, I'd like to walk around and see what everyone else had and try bites of everything!

The best part of the meal was having the kids draw pictures of me while we waited for the food.


I've never felt so pretty. HA!


Satchel was a little kinder. Though I was a tad hurt by the fact that he couldn't spell my name!


The only other things I'd like to note are that Wiseacre Ananda is on the drink menu and one of the waiters was wearing a Wiseacre t-shirt. Yay, Memphis!

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Jordan said...

Sounds like an interesting experience. Hopefully at some point you can go back and try some different foods from there. Those pepperoni rolls look really good, though!

Mitch said...

Nice drawings ;)Seems like you had a great time there.

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