Monday, August 26, 2013

Love Shack

Love Shack
2886 Walnut Grove

The Love Shack is the cutest place ever.


Satchel (age 11) also liked the Love Shack, but thought the name was a little funny. I explained that it was from a B52s song, but that didn't help. (I sang him a few bars and he pretended to recognize it.) We had just had a discussion about Purple Rain, the girls soccer club, and he basically concluded that the people of my generation like to name things after songs.


Not sure why I haven't made it there before now, but I made up for it by going twice over the weekend. Ashley & I went after our run on Saturday, and I took Satch by on Sunday afternoon after a swim at the JCC. (Yes, the Love Shack is open on Sunday despite what the website says.)


I really love the decor. I think I avoided going for so long because I heard there were no tables. Technically, I guess that is true, but there are several two top bars inside.


There's also patio seating out front, including a mini picnic table for kids. (Inside there is one highchair.)


(Yes, that's an ashtray. Doesn't quite fit in with the healthy vibe going on, but I can only guess there is some sort of customer demand.)

The Love Shack's menu is fairly simple. They offer juices, smoothies, coffees and teas. There are some vegan snacks promo-ed, but I have only seen kale chips (yum) and according to the owner, they will soon offer grab & go vegan meals like kale salad. He also said the drive thru will be operating soon.


I tried the "vegan chipotle cheezy kale chips" on my Saturday visit ($3). They are definitely yummy. They reminded me of the ones I love at Cosmic Coconut, but the dressing is a lot thicker, so they are a bit heartier.


I love fresh juice, but lately I prefer to actually chew my veggies, so on both visits I ordered the Almond Joy smoothie. Satchel went for the Banane, because he is a monkey afterall. (See ingredients below.)


There were several "coming soon" flavors that we both wanted to try. You can watch as they make everything.


They blend them up pretty quick and a nice big, 20 oz smoothie is around $7.


Satchel and I both gave them a thumbs up. I wanted to get them to go, but Satchel wanted to stay and hang out. He liked doing 360s in the bar stool and he liked that the counter dude complimented him on his Hi Tone t-shirt.

Other things of note--there is no changing table in the bathroom, but it is nice & clean. You can check out the store room as you make your way there. The Love Shack offers a detox program which sounds like a pretty nice deal. I'd love to hear from someone who has tried it.

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I drive by this place frequently and have wondered about it. It sounds good, I will have to try it, thanks!

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