Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Buon Cibo (Hernando, MS)

Buon Cibo
Highland Court Shopping Center 
2631 McIngvale Road
Hernando, MS 662.469.9481

I've been obsessed with Buon Cibo since May. Since it is in Hernando, I have to keep my obsession in check. 

On Saturday, I finally had a chance to drag Warren and the monkeys (Satchel, 11, and Jiro, 9) to Mississippi for lunch. The drive from Midtown took about 20-25 minutes and was quite pleasant. It gave us a chance to talk about what's been going on at school, that time Warren got his wisdom teeth removed, and that time the monkeys went to a birthday party at Chuck. E. Cheese.

Buon Cibo is in a nondescript strip mall just off the expressway.


It's an order at the counter type place, and the menu is on the wall nice & big (and a little slanted). The other walls are filled with Lamar Sorrento paintings so it has a bit of a Memphis feel to it.


As you may or may not be able to see, they have a pretty decent selection of sandwiches, salads, soups, and pizzas. (On Tuesday and Thursday they serve burgers at lunch--which have been given the Best Memphis Burger seal of approval, and the weekend dinner menu offers some fancier entrees.)

I was worried that the choices would be overwhelming, but everyone was hungry and decided what they wanted in record time. Not surprisingly, everyone ordered pizza, which comes in one size. (The exception being the kids pizza which is slightly smaller and only available in cheese and pepperoni.) Satchel also wanted a bowl of soup, and I invited Warren to share a salad with me.

The kids meal options are pretty impressive, and a good size pizza with a side of chips or fruit is only $4.50. Kid drinks are $1.00.

The monkeys got drinks, Warren and I did not. Our total was $38.70 plus tip.


We filled up our cups and took a seat in a nearby booth. "How will they know where we are?" Warren asked. I explained that the cashier took my name and that they would walk around with the food and call out my name until they found us.

At the table, Satchel added lemon to his drink, which I assumed was Coke, but he said it was Dr. Pepper. Ew? He likes to add lemon to pretty much everything.


Jiro decided to drink his drink in an unusual fashion as well.


Both monkeys were starved and a little jacked up. When Satchel attempted to loosen the top on the red pepper flakes so that it would fall out on someone's food, I had to call Uncle. On my previous visits the servcie had been pretty fast, but it was lagging a bit. I decided to go ask for the soup, salad, and fruit if possible. The girl was very pleasant and offered to bring them right over.

The large Ceasar salad was plenty for two.


The coconut chicken noodle soup was a hit. Warren was already plotting how to recreate it at home.


I thought the fruit looked good, and even included fresh pineapple, but neither monkey had much interest. (I never told them chips were an option.)


The pizzas came out soon after and both monkeys were thrilled. "It looks delicious" Satchel exclaimed right away.


Jiro took one bite of his pepperoni and said, "Try this!"


I swear he polished it off in about three minutes.


Satchel, who ordered a regular old cheese pizza, continued with the accolades,"This is totally worth the drive. They need to open one in Memphis."


I got the Itta Bena, which features buffalo chicken--my absolute favorite! It's so freaking good.


Warren got the Biloxi which features ham and pineapple--his absolute favorite. It also had pickled red onions and jalapeno.


We all really liked the crust at Buon Cibo and those first couple of pieces that are still piping hot when you eat them are the best.

Warren was the only person not to finish his food, which was fine, because I got to eat it later. We got a cute little box to go.


We all hit the restroom before leaving. I can report that there is a changing table in the handicapped stall in the women's room.

The only complaint I heard was that the napkins were too thin and fell apart.

Buon Cibo is closed on Sunday & Monday so plan ahead! They are also Project Green Fork certified (woot!).


Project Green Fork Certified Restaurant


janiam said...

I've been meaning to get down there & try it. Sounds really good!

Tim Friday said...

Everything about this place sounds good except the lemon in the Dr Pepper. I never would have known about this restaurant had it not been for your review, thanks.

smokinq72 said...

Thursday nights: Hamburger nights are a good excuse to make the trip to Mississippi. I've enjoyed it on many occasions. The grilled cheese is a favorite. My wife really loves the soups. The chef is very personable and sometimes visits the patrons at their table. Weekends have special menus. You never know.. I write this drinking from a Buon Cibo cup. Glad I discovered your blog. Found it from Memphis Que.
Next time you head south, stop in Southaven at Avellino's on Goodman Road. Toward Olive Branch, past Sam's, on the right in the back of the center there is a jewel hiding back there. Avellino's is a small hometown Italian place. The pizza is very good, the lasagna is enormous, the waitstaff is very attentive. 7 tvs in side and two outside. Fried dill pickles and ravioli are both great appetizers. The meat sauce and marinara are two of the most unique I have tasted.

Stacey Greenberg said...

Thanks for the tip!

Mark Bourland said...

As a resident of Hernando, and a fan of Buon Cibo, I want to thank you for taking the road trip to visit us and the light you shine on one of our fav restaurants. Come back sometime and try the Blue Daze'll love it.

Also...Congratulations on being a Favorite in the Commercial Appeal's Memphis certainly deserve it.

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