Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Parker's Water Ice Truck

Parker's Water Ice
7050 Malco Crossing #101

We saw the Parker's Water Ice Truck over Spring break at the Chalk Art Fest at the Brooks. Apparently there is also a real storefront out east, er southeast.


I've seen it at other food truck rodeos and maybe even at Shelby Farms, but never tried it. However, since I had five monkeys with me at the Chalk Art Festival, there was no way they were going to let me pass it up again.


The truck offerings are pretty basic--vanilla soft serve, water ice, and gelati (a combination of water ice and ice cream). However the water ice is available in eleven flavors, so there are difficult decisions to be made. Most of the talk among the monkeys was centered on which flavors to mix. You can mix two with a small, three with a medium, and four with a large. I told everyone we were getting smalls.



The smalls were plenty big, and I'm pretty sure no one finished theirs.


Santi had a very all-America cherry and blue raspberry.

Jiro went for cherry and grape.


And Enrique had blue raspberry and sour apple.


It was a little chilly and they wanted to eat them in the car, but I said, "Uh, no."


Satchel, who originally didn't want one, decided he did after all. He got a gelati with cherry water ice and vanilla ice cream.


It looked so good, I insisted on a bite. Uh...YUM. The water ice is so smooth! And really not too sweet or syrupy. And with the ice cream? Oh yeah. Seriously, Jerry's better look out.

I was happy it was cold because Satchel ended up giving me half of the gelati. Next time, I'll get my own.

The menu for the store is way more extensive. I will totally pop in the next time we are out that way! Or I may plan a special trip to Shelby Farms just to get more.

Check them out.

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Bethie Boop said...

Just an FYI but I've heard that the water ice is made with real fruit. Now you have more of a reason to stop, right?

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