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555 Perkins Extended

Over Spring break, Jiro (age 8) broke his braces wire and had to go see the orthodontist. (Even though the office was closed for Spring break, Dr. Brad made a special trip in to get Jiro fixed up!!) I made Satchel (age 10) tag along so we could grab some lunch after the appointment.

Jiro really wanted to go to Subway. He always wants to go to Subway. But Satchel and I wanted to branch out. I told the monkeys that I'd gotten a message from Boneheads about visiting. Although I don't take people up on offers of free meals in exchange for reviews, I wanted to get the monkeys on board by telling them they had been specially invited. However, I also had Boneheads on my list because they have a fairly healthy menu of fish and veggies. (It seemed very Humdingers-ish.) Satchel was immediately on board, but Jiro had to be promised a post-lunch Subway sandwich should he not like his food.

When we parked, they got a giggle right away.


Boneheads is in a strip mall that fronts the Oak Court Mall on Perkins Extended.


It was much larger than I expected, and if you walk all the way to the back where the counter is, you can see Macy's. There is a nice patio out back, but it was too cold to sit outside, especially during shady hours.


The menu was pretty extensive, and it took us a minute to decide. Once Satchel saw that they had salmon, he went straight for it. It was listed as a $10.99 entree, but I can always count on Satchel to snarf down his food. He had a choice of sides and went with french fries and rice, rather than a vegetable like I had hoped. I steered the still skeptical Jiro to the chicken tenders on the kids menu, which comes with a side, a cookie, and a juice box ($4.95). He too wanted fries, and asked if he could have a piece of the delicious looking strawberry cake ($3.95) placed strategically on the counter.

Feeling indecisive, and deflated by the lack of veggies in the monkeys' orders, I asked the man behind the counter (who looked suspiciously like an owner) what he recommended, or what was the most popular dish. He steered me towards the fish tacos, and then noted I could get three tacos--one fish, one chicken, and one shrimp ($8.49 for a combo). I decided to go for it. For my side I got grilled zucchini. Our total came to $31.05. There was a tip line, which always vexes me at order at the counter places. I went ahead and added a 10% tip. (When researching this Flyer article there were mixed opinion on what was standard--0-10%.)

We got our drinks, gathered our own silverware and took a seat. I noted that there was a wine list on the table.


Jiro, who's skepticism was increasing, noted, "I hate the smell of fish. It's like a fart but one percent worse."

I reminded him that he was not eating fish and to have an open mind.

When the food arrived, everyone perked up. (It was delivered to the table, and the woman asked if we needed anything. She brought over napkins and ketchup. Later, I noted that there was no garbage can, so she cleared the table. Therefore, I think tipping is warranted.)

Satchel was licking his lips right away, and after a few bites asked if he could come back on his birthday. This is the monkeys' highest praise.


He also said, "This is better than a double sided Scooby's snack. I'm so glad we came here." After a few more bites he added, "They should sell tilapia." When I told him they did, he immediately wanted a second plate of food. "Next time," I said, reminding him that we eat tilapia at home quite often so he should enjoy his salmon.

While Jiro's lunch didn't look all that exciting, he gave me a taste, and I'll say the chicken tenders were definitely above average. When I asked him what he thought, he said, "Awesome." Satchel, increasingly happier by the moment piped in with, "This place is outstanding."


Jiro ate all of his food and did not require a post lunch trip to Subway. I'm sure the cake helped.


My tacos were ok. Lots of slaw inside and one was not really distinguishable from the other. They were actually pretty spicy, which was nice. The zucchini was definitely the highlight. I wished I'd done like Satchel and gotten grilled fish.


I didn't finish my food, but left full. Jiro gave me his cookie.


Satchel went to the restroom and reported back that it was very nice.

When I got back home, I pulled up the last message I got from the PR person and she said, "They feature only fresh, local ingredients and produce great, healthy food that you can truly feel good about eating." I think the "local" part was a stretch, but it did taste fresh.

She also shared the story behind the business which involves a South African and a chef from Atlanta.
On a beautiful spring day in 2006, purely by accident, the two chefs ran into each other, well actually backed their cars into each other. After getting out of his car and profusely apologizing to the South African, the chef from Atlanta declared “I can’t believe that happened, I am such a Bonehead!”. Jumping out to view the damage, the other chef agreed that he too was a Bonehead. The two chefs struck up a conversation, had a good laugh, and the rest as they say is history.
I'm gonna call bullsh*t on that story, but I do think Boneheads is worth a visit, especially if you can convince your kids to eat grilled fish and veggies.

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