Friday, September 21, 2012

Lambert's Cafe (Sikeston, MO)

Lambert's Cafe
2305 E Malone Ave Map.57a80d9
Sikeston, MO 63801
(573) 471-4261

On our way back from St. Louis (in July!) we decided to stop at Lambert's Cafe. I'd been with my soccer team while in college, but for whatever reason, Warren and the boys had never had the chance to have a roll thrown at them. Since it was a Tuesday, we figured it would be safe to go to this most touristy of stops.


Lambert's is HUGE. It was clearly built for crowds. There's a humongous waiting area, enormous patio, and gargantuan arcade.


So if you had to wait it wouldn't be the worst thing ever. We, however, didn't have to wait. Well, Warren and the boys did have to wait for me to go to the ladies room because they won't seat you unless everyone in your party is ready, but I only took a minute or two.

The restaurant was pretty bustling. As soon as we sat down, we started figuring out the menu. It was about two seconds before we were offered some "pass around" fried okra. (They also pass around black eyed peas.) It was three seconds before Satchel caught a roll.


The throwed rolls were a huge hit with the kids. And they were damn tasty too.

There is a rule at Lambert's: no sharing! So we all had to order something. There is a kids menu, excuse me, a Little Scotty menu.


All drinks are served in 64 oz mugs. (Don't tell Mayor Bloomberg.) We just had water.


Lambert's is a country place. They say "Y'all" a lot. The servers wear suspenders and bow ties. When they play the "Macarena" on the sound system, the employees sing along.

The food comes out crazy fast, and chances are you are full of rolls and "pass arounds" by the time it gets there. Warren astutely noted, "This is how people get obese." Satchel then added, "But it's delicious."

Luckily we came hungry.

Not surprisingly, the portions are immense. Behold Satchel's chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes, and green beans.


My meal was similar but I went with chicken tenders. (I don't remember why.)


Warren and had sausage and sauerkraut, greens and cucumber salad.


Jiro, true to form, had a cheeseburger and french fries. I did add on some green beans.


None of us came close to finishing our food. Here are a few more of Satchel's observations (he is Lambert's #1 fan now):

"The green beans are like Gigi's, but better."

"The music is one of the reasons it's good here."

"I'm going to get hired here when I'm older."

"I need to practice baseball."

"I wish I had a barf chute so I could keep eating."

Warren noted that there were all types of customers at Lambert's. Those of all ages and creeds. He was particularly fascinated by the punker kids and the old ladies with mustaches.

I tried really hard to get a picture of our roll guy but he was in constant motion.


We left full and happy. Overall it was a really fun meal--gluttonous and wasteful, but fun. I'm not sure how one could get out of there not stuffed with the freebies and no sharing rule.

It was also not cheap. It was about $50 for the four of us. Plus, it should be noted that it is really hard to drive home when you are completely stuffed.

I am sure that the kids will want to go back.

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