Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Crepes, Etc. (St. Louis)

I somehow haven't managed to blog about all of the places we ate in St. Louis over the summer! Geez...

Crepes, Etc.
52 Maryland Plaza (Central West End)
St Louis, MO 63108
(314) 367-2200

Crepes, Etc. was right next to our hotel so it was an easy choice for breakfast before heading to the City Museum. Satchel (10) is a big fan of crepes, and Jiro (8) will eat anything sweet.


It's a pretty bustling spot, and requires that you stand in line and order at the counter. The menus are up on the wall, and it's a lot to take in.


If I could do it over, I'd look at their website before heading over, since the online menu seems to be more detailed than the one in the restaurant. I don't think we even knew that they did omelets and pancakes.

Whenever we have to order at a busy counter, Warren usually shuts down and says he doesn't want to eat. He doesn't like the pressure of making a quick decision. Likewise, I don't enjoy trying to nail down the monkeys' orders and my own in addition to coaxing Warren into eating. But whatever. It's my lot in life. I got it done, and we took our number over to a cute little table and waited.


Warren got some sort of fancy double chocolate espresso or something, and cheered up pretty quickly. Like Cafe Eclectic in Memphis, Crepes, Etc. is a purveyor of illy coffee.


We chatted a bit, did some people watching, investigated the gelato bar, and even peeked at the crepe maker while we waited for our food.


Our food arrived in a fairly quick fashion, and everything was beautiful. And big! I knew right away the monkeys would never finish their meals.

Jiro got the banana and Nutella crepe. Judging by that grin, he was thrilled with the results.


Satchel got a chocolate covered strawberry crepe. Yu-um.


Warren was coaxed into the daily special which was a commuter sandwich.


The sandwich was tasty, but a bit on the small side. Warren probably needed some hashbrowns or something to get full. His only comment was that if he were actually commuting it would be quite difficult to eat the sandwich en route.

I had yogurt with granola and fruit and iced coffee.


I quite enjoyed my breakfast. I very closely approximated my usual breakfast at Cafe Eclectic.

Warren and I were both happy to help the monkeys finish their crepes, which were really tasty.

Overall it was a lovely start to the day. Not an inexpensive start, but a lovely one.

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