Tuesday, August 23, 2011

IKEA Food Market (Atlanta)

441 16th Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30363
(404) 745-4532

We didn't get to do much sight seeing while in Atlanta, but we did make a quick trip to Ikea on Saturday night. It was close to dinner time, so we told the kids that they could get a quick bite before we checked them into the kids play area. When I noticed that the food market was having a special "Kids Eat Free" promotion that didn't even require the parents to buy anything, well, even better.

I showed the monkeys the sign and told them to pick an option. I thought for sure Satchel would want meatballs, but they both went with the standard chicken nuggets, fries, and milk.

We had to go through a standard cafeteria style line, and as you can see, the monkeys were a tad jacked up.

I took note of a few other interesting items that diners could choose from. Crayfish, cheese, and crackers? I think there was even some salmon hiding behind it.

Everyone knows that Ikea is crazy family-friendly, so this shouldn't have surprised me.

I think stopping in the Food Market first made me lose a bit of my sparkly-eyed fondness for Ikea. Picadilly has better offerings.

But I did enjoy watching my boys carry their trays around. Look at that concentration!

And well, you can't beat free. (Or, do you get what you pay for?)

The monkeys happily ate their dinners and I took in the other family-friendly touches in the restaurant. Lord knows, I would have appreciated this type of play area when they were smaller.

We didn't make it to the restroom, but I'm sure there was a family one with a changing table. The little things certainly do add up.

The kids spent 40 minutes in the play area while we shopped, then joined us for our final run and check out. There Satchel tried to convince me to let him get a second dinner of meatballs, but the food market had already closed.

I think we spent two hours total there shopping, eating, waiting to check out, etc., and by the end of it, I wasn't sure I ever wanted to come back. While it is a (huge?) step above Wal-Mart and Sam's, shopping there still had an overwhelming/exhausting feel to it. I suppose if we lived closer to one and knew our way around better, it would help. But if we lived closer to one, then I imagine everyone we knew would have all of the same stuff, right?


Stephanie said...

Ikea is awesome! I can't believe you didn't love it. Also, you have to get the meatballs. Swedish meatballs! It's required! Oh, now I want to plan a trip to an Ikea.

@finnious said...

you forgot to mention the free twine in the parking deck

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog- this may sounds silly, but how do you pronouce Jiro...i read it in my head as Hero. I know this can't be right. After reading ab your Atlanta cuisines I'm dying for some Indian food. Have a great Day!

Stacey Greenberg said...

Its a hard J. We say Jee-row.

Anonymous said...

As I read your blog I'm sitting on the toilet with my iPad suffering from the aftermath of eating at Ikea last night. I'm guessing it was the nasty looking salad I ate. The meatballs looked and tasted fine.

I noticed their crawfish comes from China. Don't let your kids eat that unless you want them to grow an extra arm or eye. Probably some pretty toxic stuff with a lot of hormones, antibiotics and mercury.

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