Monday, August 22, 2011

Bhojanic (Atlanta)

1363 Clairmont Rd
Decatur, GA 30033
(404) 633-9233

Warren didn't do as well in the Kendo tournament as he had hoped, so to cheer him up, I found Atlanta's best Indian restaurant--Bhojanic. It looked super swank both inside and out, but it was crawling with families. At least at 6pm on a Friday.

We got a table and drinks right away. I told the kids to leave their DSs in the car, so they occupied themselves with their coloring sheets.

Again, we found ourselves perusing a pretty impressive kids' menu.

Still, we weren't exactly sure what anything was. Ditto for the main menu. Thankfully our waitress was very sweet and forth coming about what was what and gave us plenty of time to figure out what we wanted. As we discussed our options, I noted that they had Chicken 65. This is one of our favorite dishes at Maharaja, and as soon as Satchel heard us mention it, he insisted on ordering it. I read the description aloud: "Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and green chilies. A non-fried version of the original!"

Non-fried? No, thanks. (Screw healthy choice!) However, Satchel was insistent. Jiro, on the other hand, didn't seem to want anything. We decided to let them split the Chicken 65 and a rice bowl, which was basically just jasmine rice.

Warren was waffling between an Indian burrito and a platter, so I offered to get the burrito, better known as a Kathi Roll. I went with the homemade layered flat bread rolled with fried egg, Chicken Tikka, Mint Chutney, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onions, which is served with Raita and Papdam. Warren got the Thalis--or platter--with his choice of meat and veg, plus a side of pickles. The waitress also talked us both into getting a Chai tea.

While we waited for our food we chit chatted and reviewed the Kendo tournament's ups and downs. The restaurant continued to fill up, both with families and hipsters. Our food came out fairly quickly and Warren was in heaven. Behold the Thalis.

I was happy that he was happy. His meat choice was goat and it was spicy and delicious just like we had in Cameroon oh so long ago. And I gotta say, those Indians make a mean burrito.

The bread was amazing. I loved the thin fried egg layered on the inside. And the cucumber dip was fab. Does anyone in Memphis make something like this? If so, I'm in.

Initially Satchel was saddened by the look of the Chicken 65 because it was tandoori-ed, but once he tasted it, he was cool. Jiro was very emphatically refusing to even try it, but we I offered to give him a candy bar for dessert if he ate it and that worked.

That green dip was to die for. It was minty and sweet, not spicy. YUM.

The rice bowl didn't look like much, but the monkeys are huge fans of rice. They even liked the peas.

Also, I should add that they served everything with delicious chapati rather than naan.

We ate every single bite and were ready for the check when our waitress came over to apologize for the long wait on the chai. I had actually forgotten we ordered it! It arrived a few minutes later and ended up being a nice dessert. Once we sweetened it up, the kids wanted it for their own.

Somehow our total bill was only $42.00 plus tip, which seemed like a bargain. If we lived in Atlanta, Bhojanic would definitely be on our regular circuit. They even have a market next door. We didn't get to check it out because we were in a rush to meet up with a friend, but I can only imagine the treasures within. Also, on our way out I noted that the bar had some pretty delicious sounding drinks--ginger margarita, anyone? I can see how it might become a super hipster hang out after 9 when the kids are in bed.

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