Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts
1540 Union Avenue


Warren woke up wanting donuts. So did Jiro (age 6). Satchel (age8) and I wanted more of a real breakfast, but we deferred. At first Warren was just going to run to Donald's, but we somehow all ended up bundling up and checking out the new Dunkin Donuts on Union. I have to admit that I have never been inside of a Dunkin Donuts. My last DD encounter was in 1993 when there was one on the other side of Union. My bestie used to like and stop by for donuts from the drive thru at 3am.

The new DD is where Wolf Camera used to be. They knocked out half of the building to create a drive thru. It's really insane, but an improvement over the world's tightest drive through at the new TCBY down the street. I kind of like the urbany feel, and I am a fan of the parking in back.


Satchel asked, "Did we just go through a subway?" in all seriousness. There are windows lining the inside so you can see people eating inside and they can see you driving by.

Inside, DD has a very Starbucksian feel with the leather sofa seating/study area, free wifi, clean lines, etc. (There's even a conference room.) They were very much in the holiday spirit with several trees, Christmas music on the radio, and gift idea displays throughout the store.


It was quite bustling with several people eating and several in line. As soon as we were inside, the monkeys started taking off their gloves and coats and thrusting them at me. I held my hands up in the air and told them that they were in charge of their own coats and I was in charge of ordering. Then they (along with Warren) started yelping orders at me until I finally sent them all to a table to wait. "I'll just get something," I told them.

I had heard words like hot chocolate and hashbrowns, so I started ordering those things. Then the monkeys reappeared to put in some donut orders. Just as they pointed out the ones they wanted, a man gave them each a free sprinkled donut. (A nice touch, but amazingly timed to come after I had already ordered for them!) I knew Warren wanted coffee, as did I--I needed to know if it was as good as everyone says. Then I ordered an egg white sandwich because I am still not eating donuts (I procrastinated on my donut story for the Flyer and had to eat at 4 places in one day) and I couldn't resist an order of sausage pancake bites.

I sent the monkeys back to the table and paid up. It was a whopping $18, probably the most I have ever spent in a donut shop. (Donuts are .89 cents each, the highest in town, and the accoutrements are in the $2-4 range.) I got our drinks and donuts and was told to get everything else at the end of the counter. I dropped off what I had at the table and went to wait. A woman, who liked managerial, asked me what I was waiting for and I said "Order 242." She shook her head and said, "What was in your order?" So I told her. The store had only been open a week, so I didn't care. Meanwhile Satchel came bounding over asking for water. I sent him to find a water fountain but there wasn't one. I got the rest of our food, and went to the table.

There Jiro was happily enjoying his breakfast.


Warren, however, was sad.


I goofed his order. He always uses technical terms for the donuts he wants (i.e. a raised chocolate, which they call frosted, but I think of as glazed) and I always think he wants something else (a chocolate cake donut with icing). Not wanting him to be sad, I went back and got him the right donut and a glass of water for Satchel. (They charge .25 for water.) When I returned victorious with a raised chocolate donut to the table, Warren then told me I forgot the second donut he wanted--an old fashioned. So I went back, again. (Each order I made got bagged up even though they surely knew by now that I wasn't going anywhere.) I came back with an old fashioned and Warren just stared at me. "Did you actually order an old fashioned or did you point at what you thought an old fashioned is?" he asked.

Clearly I should have been the one sitting at the table and he should have been the one ordering!

As it turns out, DD doesn't know what an old fashioned is supposed to look like. However, Warren said it tasted old fashioned.

I don't think we're ever going to eat at DD again. At least not donuts. I may have to get some of those pancake bites again. Those were yummy.


The monkeys also gave the hashbrowns the thumbs up. They wanted seconds but I refused to spend any more money there! We made a quick restroom stop to get unsticky and to see whether they had a changing table. (They did not. I say use the conference room!)

Next time we want donuts, or a cheap breakfast, I'll insist on Donald's.


Anonymous said...

I was disappointed eating there last week. Instead of using the order numbers they had a gentleman whose 1st language was not English coming out and announcing what was in the order. No one could understand him so he had to open up and unwrap the order for everyone to see....That, plus the fact that they "lost" my order for 15 minutes doesn't give me much reason to go back.

Oh yeah, the donuts are unexceptional...

Anonymous said...

also super disappointed with DD. Donuts are not made locally, but shipped in. Will not return.

Stacey Greenberg said...

accidentally deleted Dave's comment:

Dave has left a new comment on your post "Dunkin Donuts":

I have eaten at DD exactly once. They were the greasiest toughest doughnuts I have ever eaten. The "coffee" is just passable.

I like going to Donald's and being greeted with a smile and purchasing fresh tasty doughnuts. They have Community Coffee too which is really tasty for the price.

Anonymous said...

Dont care for DD. Dont understand what all the hoopla is about. The taste is just okay and they are too expensive.
Just tried Donalds yesterday. Im hooked!

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