Thursday, October 07, 2010

Las Paletas (Nashville)

Las Paletas
2907 12th Ave S
Nashville, TN
(615) 386-2101

Warren had a Kendo tournament in Knoxville last weekend, so we hit the road early Saturday morning. I had but one request--a stop at Las Paletas in Nashville for a popsicle. Ever since my friends Justin & Amy over at the Chubby Vegetarian let me sample their divine paletas, I have been on a kick.


On our previous Sunday trip to Nashville in April, they were not open. However, when we arrived on Saturday they had a sign boasting summer hours on Sundays from 12-5. I immediately made plans to leave Knoxville early enough on Sunday to hit Las Paletas again on the way home.

The store is in the somewhat shwanky 12th Street district, but the store is pretty simple and straightforward. There are several large coolers filled with colorful popsicles and a small counter with a cash register. As you can see above, they have a few colorful knick knacks for sale and the back wall boasts a chalkboard with a colorfully chalked menu.


Check out the long list of flavors. They aren't as fancy as the ones at The Meltdown in New Orleans or even in Justin & Amy's kitchen, but they all sounded delicious.


For me it was an easy choice--hot chocolate with peppers! The flavor was perfectly balanced--very chocolatey with a lovely red pepper kick at the end. I could have eaten five of them.

Warren easily decided on the basil, which was actually quite tasty. The basil was very mild, yet you knew it was there.


Jiro (6) opted for the chocolate chocolate chip. I loved how the chocolate chips were hiding inside.


Satchel (8) asked for coffee. He cracks me up.


There's no seating inside, so we sat on a bench outside and enjoyed the lovely weather. The popsicles are $2.50 each. A steal!

When we finished, we grabbed a sandwich next door to eat in the car. We seriously considered going back for a second pre-lunch popsicle, but opted to return on Sunday instead. Sadly, we didn't make it, but I'm already thinking of reasons to drive to/through Nashville.

And I'm still holding out hope that Justin & Amy will someday trick out an old ice cream truck and sell their paletas in town!

If you know of any freshly made paletas for sale in Memphis, please let me know!

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fancycwabs said...

Blue Coast Burrito in the Nashville area (or at least the one in Smyrna) has a tiny freezer full of Las Paletas. Maaaybe the one in Memphis does, too!

(p.s. Next trip try Bravo Gelato)

lee said...

you can always threaten them with a prune las paletas if they are bad!

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