Friday, October 08, 2010

Greenlight Market & Deli (Nashville)

Greenlight Market and Deli
2905 12th Ave South, Suite #104
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 298-1600

If you go get a popsicle at Las Paletas, chances are you'll want to eat something more substantial before or after. There's a really cute place nearby called Burger Up that had the locals lining up around the block. If that's the case when you are there, go down a few doors to the Greenlight Market and Deli. It's a little shop that specializes in local foods.

Once we saw the Nashville-brewed My Booch kombucha on the shelf we knew we'd stumbled upon a gem.


The market has a $10 lunch special that includes a sandwich, a bag of chips, and some tea (brewed in house or you can get kombucha off the shelf) for $10. Warren and I each opted to get the special. Chicken salad for him and a veggie sandwich for me.


The little bit of goat cheese in the veggie sandwich made it oh so yummy. The chicken salad wasn't anything special in the taste department, but all of the ingredients were fresh, local, and tasty which made up for the lack of over the top deliciousness.

There wasn't really anything that appealed to the monkeys here--it's a pretty hipster-ish spot--except for the chips. We purchased up a loaf of locally baked bread for them to nibble on should they starve before our next stop. And I also agreed to get a box of locally distributed (not sure about manufactured) Monkey Brains oatmeal. And there was no way I was leaving without a couple of Olive & Sinclair locally made chocolate bars. They had all of the varieties, but I chose Salt & Pepper and Mexican Chocolate.

The Greenlight is definitely worth a look if you are in the hood. (Tip--the menu is posted way up high on a chalkboard. When you walk in, look up. I didn't see it at first and make a dope out of myself when I asked, "Do you have a menu?")

They also have really nice & clean bathrooms. Just sayin.

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