Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sweet Grass

I've had an Internet crush on the multi-talented Sophorn McRae for several months now. Her blog, No Rococo is not only fascinating, it is visually stunning. (It even has music!) At the risk of having all of my future reviews pale in comparison, I invited this talented mama to join the ranks of the Dining with Monkeys guest bloggers. Enjoy!

Sweet Grass
937 South Cooper Street

As Cooper Young residents, my husband Christopher and I make an effort to support our neighborhood businesses. After three great meals at the newest Cooper Young restaurant Sweet Grass, I would be confident in saying I would easily travel from the edges of town to eat there. Often. Since trying their dinner menu twice right after the grand opening about a month ago, I have added several items to my “to crave” list. In no particular order, the oyster stew, deep dish sour cream apple pie, and low-country shrimp and grits are dishes I often crave.

This past Mother’s Day, my 3-year-old Atticus and husband Christopher, quite aware of my love for Sweet Grass, surprised me with another visit to try their new brunch menu. As normal, a reservation recommended by the restaurant is always a good idea. We arrived right on time and headed straight to our table. {Of course, if you want to stop by without a reservation with little or no wait, the bar has plenty of seating.}

Shortly after getting seated, Atticus was drawn to the tall {top-heavy} water glasses which we immediately asked the hostess to clear from his place setting. When our server took our drink orders soon after, we requested his orange juice in a kid-friendly cup, preferring a lidded to-go cup. As that option was not available, they suggested a shorter glass that could work. Atticus’ juice arrived in the cocktail glass shown below. We giggled as we imagined everyone around us thinking we had ordered our toddler a screwdriver, and Atticus giggled with excitement at his big boy glass.

Eating at higher end restaurants is almost a game of pretend for Atticus. He somehow senses the adult atmosphere and for the most part {but not always} tries to fit in and does what the big boys do. He always prefers to sit without a booster seat and makes pretty decent conversation. Of course, we had to keep him occupied with little activities such as adding sugar to my hot tea then the more creative ones he discovered himself. The two examples are pictured below out of many designs. The second one is what he called the “rocking chair.”

~ I was so comforted by the hot tea. It completed my breakfast. Tea bags provided: Earl Grey and Green Tea.

As more and more people arrived, we were glad to see our plates arrive. See what we ordered below.

{Sophorn} Huevos Rancheros / 2 Eggs Sunny Side Up, Seared Beef Tenderloin, Bell Pepper, Onion, Black Beans and Enchilada Sauce / The one thing that made this dish extraordinary was the tender beef seared just enough to get a smoky flavor.

{Atticus and Christopher} Sweet Grass Breakfast / 2 Eggs Any Style {Medium}, Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, Delta Grind Grits, Buttermilk Biscuit / Even though they didn’t have a kid’s menu, ordering for Atticus was easy because they had BACON! You can see that it was the first thing his hands reached for. He was also a big fan of the grits, as was Christopher. Although it wasn’t described on the menu, the strawberry “jam” tasted fresh and homemade. The portion was just enough for the two of them to share.

Once again, we left happy having already selected what we would try on our future visits.

~Growing at the entry, real sweet grass that originates from the Carolinas just like the dishes created by the chef, Ryan Trimm.

Project Green Fork
Sweet Grass is also working on getting Project Green Fork certified very soon. This is an important effort in displaying their already known commitment to following sustainable practices such as using fresh local ingredients ~ a direct result to the incredible taste of each dish.

Other Notes to Parents
~Restrooms are sizable and very clean. Although there are no changing stations, the women’s restroom has a suitable counter.
~Make sure to bring your own crayons, activities, and juice cups.
~One other advantage of the location you may not realize is its proximity to the House of Mews. While waiting for the check, Atticus was eager to visit with the cats.
~Last but not least, they do have a full service bar.

Open Tuesday to Saturday for Lunch and Dinner til 12am / Sunday for Brunch/Lunch 11am to 2pm and Dinner 5:30pm to 11pm. / Catering Service Available.

Project Green Fork Certified Restaurant
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Chip said...

Nice review-- and great pics, Sophorn!

Unknown said...

Thanks very much Chip. I forgot to add that I got a yellow rose from Sweet Grass as a mother's day gift. Very nice touch. Thanks again Stacey for giving me some exposure.

LatinaDiana said...

I love this! And I'm a total No Rococo fan!! :) I can't wait to try...

Alan said...

Nice Review! and great pictues! Overall great blog!

dining table said...

Chip, I want to say thank you for sharing this amazing post. The photos that you post are so fascinating. The dishes look so tasty. Can't wait to try those foods.

Stacey Greenberg said...

dining table, chip is super talented, i agree, but these pics are by sophorn!

dining table said...

I love the pictures! They are so beautiful! I can't wait to try some of those! Thanks.

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