Monday, May 17, 2010

Grand Buffet

Grand Buffet
2015 Exeter Road (Germantown)

There was a lot of talk about serving me breakfast in bed on Mother's Day, but when I woke up (at 10am after 12 hours of sleep!), Warren was watching the History Channel, Satchel (8) was playing on the computer, and Jiro (6) was playing his DSi. Warren offered to take me to out to breakfast, but by the time I showered and got everyone ready to go, it would have been lunch time. So I made breakfast and we skipped lunch in favor of an early dinner at my mom's house in Germantown.

The early dinner ended up being a 7pm run to the Grand Buffet. My sister, also a mom, really wanted to attack their sushi buffet. Since no one wanted to cook or get take out and the monkeys had recently rediscovered their love of buffets, it was an easy sell.

Surprisingly, our group of 14 arrived just in time to get the last remaining seats. All of the adults, and our one teenager, sat at three tables pushed together. The four "little" kids (ages 10, 8, 6, and 4) got their own table. Boy, were they excited!

Once they settled in, it was like none of us (the adults) existed. I watched in amazement as they each made about 400 trips to the buffet. I've never seen my kids eat so much!

[I should point out that kids under ten aren't technically given free reign of the buffet, but since ours were with a ten-year-old and pretty much behaving themselves, no one said anything. Clearly my ten-year-old niece knew the ropes and made sure everyone stayed on message. The message being "let's eat!"]

Satchel started off with a little sushi, fried shrimp, noodles, and baby octopus. He LOVES baby octopus. Then he spent a good 15 minutes eating crab legs.

Jiro quickly went through his usuals--sushi, chicken wings, oranges and broccoli before hitting the ice cream. (His "first" dessert.)

What really got the kids excited and what kept them going back for more (and more) was the fresh hibachi section where the chef cooked up your choice of ingredients. The kids basically camped out there. (Notice Jiro is snacking on tempura shrimp while he waits.)

The kids really had a great time playing grown up. Memorable quotes from Jiro:

"We LOVE this food."

"I get a second dessert because I ate so much!"

Jiro was also very sweetly taking care of everyone at his table--he made sure the waitress kept everyone's water glasses full. It was too cute. If I remember correctly, I think he even went to the bathroom by himself, leaving me to enjoy my meal--uninterrupted--with the other grown ups.

Yes, my meal...I took a cue from my sister and concentrated on the plentiful sushi offerings.

Oh but I didn't stop with sushi. Warren and I were both lured to the hibachi thanks to the kids' enthusiastic endorsement. And I also *had* to taste the dumplings that my friend was eating. Then I *needed* just a little ice cream.

And therein lies the problem with buffets!

All in all we had a lovely time. The adult buffet was $10.99 and the kids' buffets were each $6.99. (Kids 3-5 are $4.99. Under 3 eats free.) That got us up to a $40+ bill. Since the monkeys absolutely stuffed themselves and had a great time, I considered it a bargain. (I did however draw the line at giving out quarters for the junk machines in the foyer.)

Satchel has since given the Grand Buffet his highest endorsement-- he wants to go there on his birthday next year.

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Liz said...

How does this one stack up against Eat Well? Looks similarly delicious, but maybe closer...

CFN said...

I was just about to recommend Eat Well for comparison shopping! Plus at Eat Well, the many aquariums provide excellent baby distraction (or so our baby tells us).

SAndra said...

We just ate at this lace for the 1st time tonight and were SO impressed. The buffet was incredible! There was so much to choose from and it was all good. We will definitely go there again and recommend it to anyone. Our picky 5 year old even loved it!

Kyle said...

It was excellent. Our 5 year old monkey said it was her favorite place. Stacey, you never fail to impress.

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