Monday, August 07, 2006


Bogie’s Delicatessen
2098 LaSalle

Warren and I have been taking the monkeys (Satchel, 4, and Jiro, 2) out to eat a lot, but somehow we keep ending up at Sakura, which I’ve already told you about. This morning, however, we had an impromptu breakfast at Bogie’s with our friends from out of town (including their little monkey). As we walked through the parking lot of the Malco at 8:45am I laughed and said, “I don’t think of been to this Bogie’s in years. I always end up at the one downtown.” (I love me some Bogie's pasta salad. And turkey delight sandwich. And brownies.) I had imagined that they had some sort of breakfast rush, which we managed to miss, but the woman behind the counter informed us that we were the first customers of the day.

Satchel pressed his nose on the display window and said, “I want a hunk of ham,” before noticing that there was a table covered with cookies. I suppose they were cooling off, but they were right there in plain sight where the monkeys could grab them with their filthy paws and shove them into their mouths! He ran over and stared wide-eyed at them and Jiro was right on his heels. Believe it or not, I said, “No cookies for breakfast,” and they listened.

Chalk one up for mama.

Bogie's breakfast menu is pretty limited—various flavored bagels with various toppings. We all started off ordering plain ol’ bagels and cream cheese until one person went for the bacon, egg, and cheese bagel, and we all changed our orders to follow suit. I mean who wants to eat a bagel with cream cheese when the person next to them has a bagel with bacon, egg, and cheese? Not me. By the time we were getting rung up, my monkeys had discovered the wall of chips and were busy trying to break them open one by one. The woman at the register gave me the look and I tried my winning, “Chips are not for breakfast,” routine, but I was completely ignored. The popping noise of chips opening was followed by the ringing of the cash register. I took it in stride and ordered myself a coke. Our total for six bagels, one fountain drink, and two bags of chips was $21.04. (Maybe there were more drinks. I’m not really sure.)

We all filed out on to the patio in the hopes of keeping the monkeys contained while we waited for the bagels to be ready. Turns out we weren't actually the first customers of the day, unless the two people on the patio just came to smoke. I took a sip of my coke and ignored the smell of Virginia slims wafting over to us. My friends, former Californians, seemed nonplussed which was good. Probably because when they asked me, “What’s that piss smell?” on the way over, I had replied, “Piss smell? Oh, uh, I guess that’s just Midtown.”

After sitting still, eating chips, and drinking water for five minutes, Jiro made his first break. He ran to the ramp heading to the parking lot and gave me his, “I’m getting myself into trouble” look and dared me to come get him. I did, of course, and then kind of huffed in the door to see where our frickin bagels were. I could see the woman putting on the final touches in the kitchen so I turned my huff into a smooth “here, let me get the door for you” maneuver.

Jiro had no interest in his bagel whatsoever, but Satchel was extremely excited about his. “Bagels make you strong, right?” he asked immediately followed by, “Blueberries make you strong, right?” The adults all seemed pleased with their meaty/eggy/cheesy bagel combinations, but no one was more pleased that our friends’ little monkey, Miles. He had cream cheese in his hair and up his nose and happily offered a finger full of it to everyone in sight. Jiro actually took him up on his offer several times.

Eventually Jiro made another break for the parking lot, Satchel declared himself full after eating half of his bagel, and Miles had his cream cheese confiscated. I discarded our numerous napkins and refilled my coke and we were out the door and on our way to the red playground by 9:30am.

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