Thursday, October 13, 2016

Soul Fish (Midtown)

Soul Fish Cafe
862 S Cooper St.
(901) 725-0722

Thanks to a vegetarian friend, I have rediscovered Soul Fish of late. I know that sounds weird since they specialize in catfish, but they have a great veggie plate. I am in love with the fried okras. (I also know that it is just okra, but I like saying okras.)

When they fixed it up and added an amazing patio, well I just couldn't be happier.

I seriously forced Jiro to walk over with me last week for dinner. Satchel refused to leave his room. This is my life.

This is actually Jiro being funny. Once we got there he was delightful.


We sat on the patio, and I had a delicious pint of Lucid Kolsch (something I can't do when I go for lunch).


Jiro got us an order of fried pickles to snack on. Whoa, I had no idea how good they were.


Then we both had a hard time deciding what else to get. For whatever reason, I strayed from my usual veggie plate with the okras, broccoli and mashed potatoes and ordered a salad. Just as weird, Jiro went with chicken tacos.


I enjoyed my beer, the breeze and Jiro's company while we waited on our food. It was a perfect night to sit outside. We saw several of our CY neighbors doing the same.

My salad was just fine, but I missed my okras.


Jiro questioned whether Soul Fish knew what a taco is, since he was clearly given two burritos. (I made him get broccoli since we pounded down the pickles.)


We got some chicken wings and mashed potatoes to take home to Satchel, because we are nice. (Had the waitress told me they came with fries, I would have passed on the taters.) Both Jiro and I had a wing when we got back to the apartment, you know, just to make sure they were good. They were. Jiro lamented not ordering them for himself. And Satchel has asked me to go back and get him more at least twice in the last week.

And I returned just two days later to get my okras.

I think you can count on seeing some or all of us there quite a bit.

(FYI--the new inside is quite nice too. I'm told that it is nearly identical to the one out east.)

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