Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mac's Burgers

Mac's Burgers
4698 Spottswood

I would just like to preface this review by saying that dining with one tween and a teen is not always fun. Ha!


Last night the monkeys (Satchel, 13, and Jiro, 11) and I met my mom at Mac's Burgers over by the "old" Target/Williams Sonoma outlet. It's in the bulk of what used to Dan McGuinness. (Dan McGuinness is still open, but in a much smaller space.) We arrived at 6:00pm and the front of the restaurant was pretty full. They seated us at a tall table by the bar. Satchel looked over and saw that there was a huge screen showing the US National Men's soccer team, and was immediately smitten. "It's already better than Skybox," he said, meaning he didn't have to request a channel change.

Unfortunately where we were sitting it was FREEZING. I mean, uncomfortably so. I am not a wimp about A/C, but it really was too much. They couldn't adjust it so they moved us back up front by the window with the general population. By this point the teenager was 1. mortified by his mother being too cold to sit at the table he liked; 2. mortified by his mother complaining about the cold; and 3. annoyed that even though 3 out of the 4 of us wanted to move we did not bend to his wishes. There were TVs everywhere so he could still see the game if he wanted, but he opted to sit where he could not just so I knew how miserable I had made him.

Good times.

Next, we consulted the menu. I had already decided in advance on a salad. Jiro quickly informed me that he wanted the Mac and Cheeseburger which comes with macaroni. This was quite adventurous for him. Then he said, I don't know what a double is, but I want that too. When I explained it was two meat patties, he was thrilled. (Someone was hungry!) My mom asked the waiter a few questions about the mac and cheese options (you can pick three), further mortifying Satchel. By the time it was his time to order, he said he felt pressured to get the mac and cheese with grilled shrimp instead of the Boom Boom Chicken that he originally wanted.

He just could not even.


Anyways! I commented that I couldn't believe no one got one of the fancy frozen lemonades that the populous has been raving about. Eventually we agreed to split a mango lemonade.

The food came out crazy fast and all at once. Sweet!

Jiro's burger was beautiful.


He said it was hard to eat, but he was up to the challenge.


Satchel is usually good about asking that offensive menu items are removed from his meal prior to ordering, but not this time. He quickly ate the shrimp and picked at the macaroni that wasn't touching the peppers.


My mom was very happy with her mac n cheese trio (grilled chicken, grilled shrimp and cheesesteak).

My salad was clearly less exciting, but very tasty. (Are you seeing a grilled pepper theme?)


The mango lemonade was very delicious and very sweet. I would definitely recommend adding a little alcohol--especially if dining with a teenager.


Because I am sweet and I love my cranky teenager, I asked if he wanted to order the Boom Boom Chicken. It was clear he was still hungry. He grumpily agreed to eat it if I ordered it.

Look! A real smile.


Do you need a closer look at his food?


Uh, yum, right? I am a sucker for Boom Boom sauce. I had one fry and then another and so on. Clearly getting a salad was dumb. Just as he was finishing, a runner brought over a separate bowl with more chicken in it. We were all confused until the waiter came over and said that the chef didn't think he put enough chicken on the first time. Uh, ok, we'll take it! My mom and Jiro had a taste and then Satchel asked that I take the waiter up on his offer to go box the rest of them.

Just when I thought everyone was happy, Jiro started in with the "can we leave yets." I had visions of strolling through Williams Sonoma or making a quick run through Target, but it wasn't happening.

I paid the bill ($69) and we hit the road.

We'll be back (with hoodies) and hopefully the boys will be less moody. If not, there's always spiked lemonade!

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Anonymous said...

Any chance they have a veggie burger? Not seeing one on the menu.

George SSF said...

Thanks for sharing. Gonna pay a visit someday

Anonymous said...

They have Veggie and Turkey burgers as well.

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