Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bourree (New Orleans)

8115 Jeanette
New Orleans, LA

I follow the New Orleans local alt weekly, The Gambit, on Facebook. When I read about Bourree, I knew I had to go.


They have two things on the menu: wings and daiquiris. It's a "wing & daiq shack!"

Okay, the clearly also sell beer and dessert, but they are secondary!

The monkeys (Satchel, 13, and Jiro, 11) and I decided to go on our way into town. I got a little confused finding it since it's in the former location of Boucherie, which is now around the corner on Carrollton. (I believe there will be some more moving around soon.) Anyways, we managed to find it, but we were just a few minutes early. (They are open noon to midnight.) We walked around for a bit while we waited and the somewhat cranky monkeys tried to sway me to eat elsewhere, but I held strong.

We were the very first customers. We were instructed to order at the bar, so we did.

There were three kinds of wings so we decided to try them all (kimchi & lemongrass, sweet mango barbecue, and spicy buffalo). The monkeys got sodas and I got a GT & D (Gin & Tonic Daiquiri). We took a seat and waited for the food.

You can tell it used to be a fancier restaurant. I like the way they tried to make it more casual with little touches.

My daiquiri came out (in a go cup, natch) and it was very interesting. Basically a frozen gin & tonic. It wasn't sweet at all, but I liked it.

And soon the wings came out.

The monkeys cheered up immediately and dug in.

Surprisingly, Jiro liked the kimchi ones the best. Satchel liked the mango barbecue.

I thought they were all damn tasty.

We thought about getting more, but we were in Nola, and had a lot more eating to do! I definitely think Bourree is a must stop for wing lovers.

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Matthew Lee said...

I like you blog, fun stuff. I just wanted to add a note about "bourré", the restaurant name. Apparently bourré it has its origins in a 17 century French quick step dance, but the way I heard it as a kid, I lived in France a number of years, was always "je suis bourré", meaning "I'm stuffed". For adults it might also mean, I'm drunk or plastered. A funny note- the literal word for word translation for "I am full" in French is "je suis plein", but this actually translates in French as "I am pregnant". Also, in English some might say "I'm finished", but word for word in French it means "I'm dead", or "je suis fini"...... sort of like THE END at the end of a film- in French it's FIN. The more appropriate thing to say at the end of a meal in France is "j'ai bien mange", or "I've eaten well"..... I'm an artist here in Memphis, but grew up in France with missionary parents.

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