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Ed note: I previously reviewed Moe's in 2006 and still find it fairly right on, but I thought an update was in order.

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The monkeys (Satchel, 12 and Jiro, 10) and I have been on a major Chipotle kick. I have failed to do a post about it, but we have made the trek out east many times just to get a burrito bowl. Satchel's dream is to eat a giant bowl of just cilantro lime rice. It is also conveniently located to the "new" Target and a Sports Authority, so the monkeys like to get me (and my wallet) in the vicinity.

I had completely blanked on the fact that there was Moe's over by the University until a fellow soccer mom reminded me. I went by for lunch one day, which happened to be a Monday, and discovered $5 Burrito Monday.

Now the monkeys and I have decided to go every Monday. I could eat Mexican just about every day.

"Hey guys, let me snap a picture of the outside."


They were too eager to eat $5 burritos to comply with my simple request.


As you can see, you get a burrito (chicken or ground beef), chips and a drink for $5. You can have as many chips as you want. You can drink as much soda as you want. (They have one of the fancy machines that lets you add flavors.)

That's a great deal!

They have a lot of goofy names for their menu items, but I have found it easiest to go through Subway style and just tell them what you want inside the tortilla. They definitely have more fillings than Chipotle. Granted, Chipotle may lean towards healthier/less GMO food, but I think the option of cheese dip and pickled jalapenos is rad. (I usually only allow myself the latter.)

Once you go through the line, you pay up at the register. (Be sure and tip because they ring a little bell when you do and everyone says, "Thank you!") The total for the three of us was $18 with tip.

Next up, the salsa bar. (At Chipotle you have to pay for chips and salsa.) I love salsa bars! This was also a major selling point with Satchel, who still talks about the one at Elena's.


I like the medium salsa and the one with pineapple. Look at this bounty!


Our friends met us at Moe's last Monday to celebrate surviving the first day of school.


The menu includes tacos, nachos, burrito bowls, etc. and you can get fish, beef, chicken, or veggies. The kids meals are always about $5, but my kids need a full size burrito now.

The Moe's by the University is fun because there are a lot of college kids taking advantage of the deal. It's almost like eating on campus.

See you there on Monday!

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