Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Ellwood's Shack

Ellwood's Shack
4523 Summer Avenue

I am a major fan of Summer Avenue and all that it has to offer. Ellwood's Shack is no exception. Everyone seems to LOVE Ellwood's. I have friends who go on and on about the fish tacos and the brisket. On and on.

There are two people who are not fans, or at least reluctant ones--Satchel (12) and Jiro (10), aka the monkeys.

The first time we went to Ellwood's they were closing. AT 7:00pm! (They have since extended their hours to 8:00pm.) The second time I took the monkeys they were in really bad moods. I have forgotten why, but it was bad enough that I didn't write up our visit.

So, what I am getting at is, third time is the charm. We went last week and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.


As you can see Ellwood's Shack is really a shack. It's adjacent to the Lowe's parking lot. It mystifies me how anyone ever decided to put a restaurant here, but Ellwood's is the third(?) to fill this spot.

We arrived around 6:00pm and had no trouble getting a table. World Cup was on the TV and everyone was happy. I went to the counter to place our order. Jiro wanted the wings that Satchel ordered on our earlier visit, Warren wanted a bbq sandwich with jalapeno slaw, and I had to get the fish tacos. Satchel was insisting he wasn't hungry, so I didn't order him anything. I added a side of potato salad for Warren, a Jarrito for Jiro and three waters. Our total was $27.31.

We reviewed our World Cup brackets until the food came out, which was only a few minutes.

Warren questioned whether I ordered his with jalapeno slaw, but later said the cabbage slaw had a kick.


The potato salad is pre-made and refrigerated. As you can see here, it is made from sweet potatoes.


(This is what Warren looks like when I say, "Smile.")

Jiro very delicately ate his wings. I asked what he thought of them and he replied, "They are good! They are just better other places."


Satchel quietly reached in and one by one properly cleaned the chicken to the bone.


Satchel also helped with the pineapple garnish.


(If he is going to pose like this, I am going to post!)

The fish tacos, while not traditional, are quite tasty.


I prefer mine in a hard shell, but these shells made from flour tortillas and coated with cheese definitely hold their own. The steelhead trout is really delicious. It looks like salmon because of the pink color, but it definitely tastes like trout. I liked the salad on top and the horseradish dressing was also nice. They were super filling though--I could only eat one. Warren ate the other one. I'd like to get them again, but a half order. $11.00 seems a bit high, in my opinion, especially with no sides.

Speaking of sides...Ellwood's needs to add French fries to the menu!

All in all, it was just fine and quite tasty. I see why people love it. Not sure I've found the dish that's going to keep me coming back, but should I ever find myself at Lowe's it'll be hard not to pop over. I think I need to try the BBQ nachos and the pizza. What's your favorite dish?

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mrchrishill said...

I don't go around bragging about meatball subs all that much, but the one I had at Elwood's was worth commenting on. Easily shared by two.

Divers and Sundry said...

I've had the biscuit w/bacon and the margherita pizza. I think they are each worth going back for. I'd love to sit on their little patio next time.

Anonymous said...

This place sounds GOOOOOD. I checked out their website. After looking at all the food pictures in the photo album on their website, I am seriously HUNGRY. That is some yummy looking food. Their full menu really looks terrific. Thanks for the heads up about this place.

Anonymous said...

Try their BBQ pizza, their Cuban or their Reuben. All are very tasty!!!I ate the pizza in 3 sittings because of how much meat was on it.

virginia said...

The Reuben was one of the best I have ever eaten. Pastrami smoked onsite and well worth another trip.

Anonymous said...

Fish taco came on some kinda wheat pita bread thing and wasnt very good IMO. Plus it is really expensive.

Anonymous said...

Killer Food! This is one of those hidden away gems you really have to try. Get the "Cuban" sandwich. It's as good as ordering one in south Miami.

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