Monday, April 21, 2014

Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar

Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar
39 S Main Street
(901) 521-8005

Since there was no school for the kids and no work for me on Friday, I decided to treat the monkeys (Satchel, 11, and Jiro, 9) to lunch at Flight. Satchel has been DYING to go ever since my mom told him about the molten chocolate cake she had there on her birthday in November.


On the way downtown, the kids kept asking me if Flight was fancy. "A little," I said. "As fancy as Iris?" they wanted to know. "No, definitely not," I said. However, once inside they both accused me of lying and immediately went into best behavior mode. I was totally fine with that.

Flight is fancy-ish at lunch, probably moreso at dinner. The monkeys were crediting the tablecloths and second level seating for the fancy feel. We sat on the patio because it was a nice day and I like watching the people walk by.


I let the monkeys preview the menu on my phone, but we still had some debate when it came time to decide. I had explained what a flight was, but they weren't quite ready to try one. Thankfully, the menu is very flexible so the boys could basically get what they wanted. Satchel waffled between the burger and the French dip, but ultimately decided on the burger. Jiro, in a bold move, ordered the shrimp po-boy. He admitted that when I ordered them (repeatedly) on our Nola trip that they looked good. I decided on the salad flight.

When we ordered the waitress noted how well-mannered the monkeys were. They were both full of pleases and thank yous, which made me very proud.

Satchel was starving (he refused to eat breakfast because he was "saving room for molten cake") so we decided to try a charcuterie plate. Typically charcuterie is a bit too fancy for the monkeys, but this one was a hit.


Satchel went straight for the pickles and Jiro the strawberries. Then Satchel convinced Jiro to try the duck sausage and I convinced them both to try the prosciutto. Once I demonstrated putting cheese on the toasts they attacked full force.

I had to order some extra toast and when the waitress brought it out, it was a bit thicker. I described it as super toast. Then Satchel asked me to stop being such a super geek!! (He's just days away from being 12.) Despite casting such stones, it was Satchel and Jiro who spent the next several minutes having a math argument.

Thankfully the food arrived and they switched their focus. Jiro's po-boy was huge. (I could have actually ordered him a half serving, but didn't.)


How do I eat it?" he asked me. I cut it in half and told him just to grab it like a burger.


He enjoyed it, and not surprisingly could only make it through half. I never got a bite of it, but I could tell by looking at it that the fry job was not up to Nola standards.

At one point Jiro noted that the table next to us was having a flight of wine, which I thought was cute.

Let's talk about Satchel's burger. He was absolutely smitten.


Yep, that's a brick of fried mozarella on there.


Somehow I didn't get a bite of the burger either! Satchel loved it, but asked me to cut it in half so he would still have room for his cake.

My salad flight was great. My only complaint was that the chicken on the cobb was a tad rubbery. The Sante Fe, in the center, was my favorite. Satchel said, "I wish you could save the strawberry salad for when I am older and less picky."


Finally it was time for dessert. We were debating whether one molten cake would be enough, but at Flight, you get three desserts! So we had a custom order flight of three molten cakes. Problem solved!

Satchel asked me to take a "before" picture of him since he was sure that the cake was going to be life changing. Ha!


I forgot to do an after of Satchel, but you can see the excitement on Jiro's face.


Honestly, I didn't think it was anything special. The inside was more like pudding than lava, but the monkeys gobbled it up and loved every bite. I didn't leave any on my plate either!

Our total bill came to $73 plus tip, which is definitely more than I would normally spend on lunch, but we really had a fun time and the monkeys enjoyed eating at a "fancy" restaurant. Our waitress was great and I wouldn't hesitate to go back for a special treat.

(The monkeys also asked that I note that the mints in the foyer are chocolatey and delicious.)

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