Friday, January 10, 2014

Pyro's Fire Fresh Pizza

Pyro's Fire Fresh Pizza
1199 Ridgeway Road
(901) 379-8754

Over the Christmas holidays, we were scheduled to be out east for the roller skating princesses' holiday program (my nieces are princesses). I had been wanting to try Pyro, so I set up a dinner date with my mom and nephew, who were also planning to attend the performance.

Pyro is located in the Park Place (?) Mall just around the bend from Rock-n-Dough Pizza Co. It was REALLY hard to resist Rock-n-Dough as it is my absolute favorite, BUT we wanted to try something new.

The monkeys, especially Satchel (age 11), LOVED the name Pyro. I guess it sounds dangerous?

I didn't get a picture of the front, but it doesn't look like much since it is in a strip mall. Here is the inside:


Pyro has a very chain look to it, but it is not a chain. In fact, this is the flagship store. (Another is slated to open on Union Ave. in Midtown.)

You order at the counter in a very Subway sandwich like way. You tell them the size you want, then go down the line pointing at ingredients to add. However there are a five pre-made specialty options for those who don't like to be responsible for the final product.



Pizzas come in regular size (11 inches) or snack size (about 5.5 inches, as it is half teh amount of dough). There was also a "kid size" option, but I don't know if it differs from snack size. I hope not, as 5.5 inches is already pretty tiny!

The only other things on the menu are salads and bites. You can build your own salad or choose from five specialty ones. The "bites" are pieces of dough that you can dip in savory or sweet sauces.

The first stop is the dough smasher. (Gluten free dough is also available, although I can't imagine it is up to Celiac standards based on the fact that there is only one smasher, so cross-contamination seems inevitable.)


It makes the crust super thin.

Then there are the toppings.


You can choose between six sauces (marinara, spicy marinara, pesto, olive oil, barbeque, and alfredo), seven cheeses (including vegan Daiya), ten meats, and sixteen veggies. It really seems like the possibilities are endless, but it also kinda seems like overkill if the majority of your family eats plain cheese or pepperoni!

But I do think with a big group, it's a nice option for everyone to get a little pizza just the way they like it.

Sticking with the "whatever way you like it" theme, they have one of the fancy Coke machine that lets you mix flavors.

There's also a full bar, with craft beer and everything. It appears to be separate. (We didn't indulge on our visit.)

I know you libras are already sweating about all of the decisions required to eat here!

Getting everyone through the line was fairly uneventful. I think the veggie person tends to get overwhelmed so the line didn't move as fast as it could, but whatever. It was pretty quick.

We didn't see any tables big enough for the six of us, so Jiro (age 9) and I sat in a booth with my mom and nephew and Warren and Satchel sat at a two top nearby. (They were both cranky about something, so it was fine.)

Later we saw people push the tiny two tops together to form a table big enough for eight. I guess that just never occured to us!


(Jiro thought the walls looked like they had blood on them. I couldn't really argue, although I'm sure it was supposed to be more fire like!)

The pizzas started coming out after about five minutes, one at a time.

Branch had the pre-made barbeque pizza and said it was good.


My mom had the pesto specialty pizza. I had a couple of slices and can attest to it's yumminess.


Jiro had a snack pizza with pepperoni and bacon. (That's fancy for him!)


I had a snack pizza with banana peppers. (Fancy for me!)


I was definitely still hungry after my snack. It seemed to be a good size for Jiro.

Satchel and Warren grumpily ate salads which they got right away in the line.


Warren perked up when his pizza arrived. His standard is Italian sausage, black olive & fresh mushroom.


Satchel did not originally order a pizza for whatever reason, so once we were all pretty much done, he decided he wanted one. (Since they make them in about 5 minutes and we had plenty of time to get to the skating rink, I agreed. Unfortunately we ended up in line behind a large group that overwhelmed the veggie girl.)

But it was ok, Satch needed more food to get through the skater princess show.


The total for the four of us was $39. (Four snack pizzas, two side salads, and one drink.)

Pyro is not Project Green Fork certified, but they seem to be making an effort.


There is a private party room in back, and a patio area in the front that will open up in warmer weather. There were also a couple of arm chairs for those who want to chat or stare at a TV or whatever.

The restrooms are lovely and include a changing table.

Finally, I'd like to note that they also serve coffee and breakfast pizza.

If you are a fan of super thin crust and decision making, Pyro is the place for you!

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janiam said...

I've had the gluten free crust. It's already formed in it's own pan. It's really good! One of the best gluten free crusts in town. Only topped by Hog & Hominy's gf crust.

Anonymous said...

Been once and I thought it reminiscent of a lunchables pizza and tasted only slightly better.

Tammy said...

When I ordered the gluten free crust, they yelled "glove change" and all of the employees changed their gloves before touching my pizza. I thought that was pretty cool. Our store is located in Tiger Town, in Opelika, AL. (Near Auburn, Al)

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