Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Monsieur Demarcus

Monsieur Demarcus
670 Jefferson
(901) 528-8799

Satchel (11) and Jiro (9) love crepes. When I heard that Monsieur Demarcus was moving from Bartlett to Victorian Village, I knew I would have to take them ASAP. We actually drove past it on our way back from brunching at the Brass Door the week before, so I made a mental note of it's location and it's openness on Sunday.


It's in the old Neely's, but when you walk in, you'd never know. (Monsieur Demarcus himself told me that it took him WEEKS to get the smell of bbq out! I bet!) It's a little fancier than I expected, but Monsieur is definitely going for a very French vibe. We were greeted in French by a waiter, although I think his language skills were limited. (Warren and I are always tempted to bust our our fine French skills that we honed in Cameroon, West Africa as young Peace Corps volunteers.)

We ended up sitting at a really weird table. It was in a corner and had a bench for most of it and just wasn't comfortable. The kids and I wanted to move, Warren didn't. Eventually the whiners won out and we moved to the other side to a normal table with four chairs.


Much better. We started off with beignets and coffee.


Warren gave the chickory coffee two thumbs up, and we snarfed down the beignets. They weren't quite as perfect as Cafe Du Monde, but they were pretty darn close.

Monsieur Demarcus came to check on us when the beignets came out. Up until that point we were the only people in the restaurant. Our waiter was very much on the nervous side, so it was nice to chat with the owner. I don't know if he knew who we were or if he is always so chatty, but he gave us all sorts of good information. He even gave us plates, since our waiter didn't!

While we waited for our main dishes we chatted and enjoyed the accordian music playing. (Satchel actually noted that it was the accordian, which impressed me.) A few other patrons came in and I overheard a waitress give the specials, which we never heard. Oops.

The food arrived soon after and we were all pleased.

Satchel got the La Maison, which I think was a basic ham & cheese crepe with a salad.


Jiro ordered the Bayonne, which was actually listed as a dessert crepe. Our waiter thought it was really odd that a 9 year old would want something sweet for breakfast. It had chocolate and strawberries and he loved it.


(The picture is blurry because he was swatting away the camera so he could dig in!)

See? Still swatting.


Warren ordered the poulet salade, why I don't know. Maybe because there were no burgers on the menu? Anyway, he typically doesn't go for such light fare. However, I guess it may have been heavier than the average crepe. He said it was good. But he was still hungry.


I ordered the Versaille, which was supposed to be filled with chicken, sundried tomatoes and artichokes.


I got asparagus instead of artichokes, which is fine, except I really do not like asparagus. And honestly, it isn't really that easy to eat inside of a crepe. I told the waiter what happened, so he'd know, but ate it anyway. He was very nice about it and said there would be no charge. Then Demarcus came back out to apologize and chat us up some more.

He says the restaurant is in phase one right now, and that soon he will expand to have a banquet room, bar, and patio. He also told us to try the French onion soup on our next visit.

I'm curious to see how the restaurant evolves. I am ready to sit on the patio, sip coffee, and eat beignets.

Our total bill was $28.95.

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Anonymous said...

We miss him in bartlett. I tried to take some friends to the bartlett location when he was closed. He came out and chatted and apologized for being closed. He is a lovely man.

Bonnie said...

I ate at Monsieur Demarcus a few weeks ago and it was delicious. The staff was very friendly. The food was right on point and priced fairly. It's great to know that the owner takes time to meet his customers. So many others just want the money and not the customer's opinion. A+ in my book.a

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