Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Next Door

Next Door
937 South Cooper

On Easter Sunday, Warren and I dragged to very cranky monkeys (Satchel, 10 and Jiro, 8) out to brunch. Since it was Easter and we had no reservations, we were a little afraid we'd end up at Denny's, but thankfully Next Door had room for us.


The monkeys wanted to sit at the bar, but I said no. I'm sure everyone at the bar was relieved by this decision. We picked a table right by the window. There were no other kids in the restaurant, although there were plenty at Sweet Grass. Next Door is more of a casual bar atmosphere, but there's no reason why children can't brunch there.


Jiro, who will be a bar regular someday I'm sure, asked, "What good drinks do they have?" On my previous visit with friends, I had tried several yummy cocktails, but Jiro was hoping more for a Fanta, Juarito, or Root Beer. He had to settle for a Sprite. The rest of us went with water.

Once the monkeys saw the menu, they perked up a bit. Jiro is always happy to eat a burger, but started off with, "I don't want anything." Then finally, "Ok, I'll have a burger." Satchel was all, "Ooh what's that shrimp thing?"

We decided to get several things to share. First up was the charcuterie plate. I thought the charcuterie and cheese plate was one thing, but they are separate. Satchel was intrigued. Jiro was completely disinterested.


Warren and I were thrilled. I ate at a pretty crazy place in New Orleans, called Root, and this was a reminder of the wild things I tried there. I really liked the sausage and pork rind with the jellies. The pate was a bit much for me. Warren seemed to like everything, and Satchel was pretty adventurous with his tasting. He took teeny tiny bites, but at least he tasted!

While we waited on our main dishes, Jiro kept us all deranged with his noisy straw sounds, bubbles, and generally disruptive behavior. I finally took his straw away, and he would have probably had a fit if the waiter hadn't simultaneously brought him a fresh drink with a new straw. We all ended up laughing over that. The food soon arrived and we busied ourselves eating it.

The burger normally comes with pimento cheese on top, but Jiro would have none of that. I requested it on the side.


The burger was very juicy and delicious, but quite messy. The dripping was a turn off to Jiro, so Satchel ate a quarter of it and Warren and I split the rest, with the yummy pimento cheese back on top where it belonged.

Our $5 side order of fries was insanely large.


They are cooked in duck fat, but we didn't tell the monkeys. I thought they'd snarf them down, but the largeness of the individual fries didn't appeal.

Satchel wasn't too happy with the shrimp and grits, due to their fanciness. I thought they were pretty tasty, but i doubt I'd get them again.


By far the most popular dish we tried was the chicken and waffles with bourbon maple syrup. (YUM!)


It was a very hearty serving and we ate every bite of it.

Our total bill was $68.83 before tip, which wasn't too bad considering brunch is a special occasion for us and we had quite a few leftovers. Had Warren and I hit the cocktails, we could have easily gone over $100.

Warren and I will definitely be back for the pimento cheese burger and chicken & waffles. And cocktails! I also want to try the fried green tomato BLT. I may take Satchel from time to time to taste the charcuterie.

Next Door is Project Green Fork certified.

We did not visit the restrooms. I am sure they are lovely, but I'd be surprised to see a changing table.

After our meal, we went to see the cats next door at the House of Mews. The monkeys loved that.


Project Green Fork Certified Restaurant
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