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2126 Madison Avenue

I work downtown and have been to the original Local a couple of times, but was never that impressed. However, I heard lots of good things about the new Local in Overton Square--including the fact that there is a brand new menu--and couldn't wait to check it out. Warren and I went for dinner with friends a few weeks ago, and I've been back for late night grub and brunch since. I'm pretty much addicted to the Bar Fries with blue cheese and bacon.

On all of my visits, I never saw any kids, which isn't surprising. Local is definitely geared to a mature audience. I had never been to weekday lunch, and I figured off all times that would be the time to take the monkeys (Satchel, 10 and Jiro, 8) so we all went yesterday around 11:30am.


We went with a friend, who has never been, and he arrived first. When we walked in we saw that they seated him at the big community table. That's where they sat us on our very first visit for dinner. I'm pretty sure most people don't like sitting there, so they prey on newbies.


It's not a bad place to sit, and both times we sat there we never actually shared it with anyone else. The thing is that there just many other better places to sit--sunny tables in the window, cozy booths, etc. Upstairs is really the best place to be--it has a super casual feel with another bar, sofas, extra TVs, etc.

I didn't complain, I just sat down.

I have had good experiences with service on all of my visits and this was no exception. Our waitress was very sweet and on top of things. Menus were distributed, drinks ordered and received, specials read, and orders taken. Jiro knew right away that he wanted a burger and fries, and since the burger and fries is huge, Warren decided to share with him. Satchel was a bit unglued and extremely hyper for whatever reason. There were plenty of things he likes on the menu, and he was eventually able to decide on chicken & rice soup and an order of Parmesan fries.

My friend, Chip, order the Pho Boy from the special lunch menu.


When the waitress told us we could do 1/2 sandwich with soup or salad, I decided to go against getting the lobster tacos which I loved on my first visit in favor of a turkey sandwich and Ceasar salad. (Dumb!)

As we waited on our food, we chatted about the amazing transformation of the building. Seriously, it is a major upgrade. Local is a great addition to Overton Square.

We happily watched the MemShoppers along Madison and discussed the wares we'd seen over the weekend.

We also marveled at the size of the meatloaf delivered to the women behind us in a booth. In fact, I knew one of them, and we had a little chat about it. Her and her friend both immediately go to go boxes and boxed half of their lunches up before taking a single bite. I later noticed that a man at the table to the right of us got a much smaller serving about 15 minutes later!

Our food actually took awhile to come out. We all agreed that the meatloaf was probably already ready, but that our food had to be made fresh. When I eventually asked the waitress if a very spazzy Satchel could maybe have his soup, she said that everything was ready except the burger.

Soon everything came out and we dug in.

Here is a really misleading picture of the giant burger, which is being dwarfed by the fries in this shot. Jiro loved it.


Warren, who was a little queasy from the night before, took his half home. He did finish off his side order of spiked greens, which he said were good.


Satchel tore into his soup right away and he seemed happy.


He barely made a dent in the fries.


My turkey sandwich was good, but not as good as the lobster tacos.


My Ceasar salad was good, too, but not as good as the lobster tacos.


I was actually most jealous of Chip's lunch. His Pho Boy looked YUMMY. He did not offer me a taste.


I'm definitely getting that next time. And I really want to go for Friday lunch or weekend brunch so I can taste the chicken and waffles, which the waitress raved about.

The only slightly negative thing I can say about Local (ok if you are counting my lukewarmness about the community table, then this is the second slightly negative thing I can say)--it isn't cheap. For the five of us to each lunch our total was $58.45 plus tip. Keep in mind that Warren and Jiro shared a meal. So it's in the $12-$15 range even without a drink.

Speaking of drinks--they have a great cocktail menu and plenty of high gravity beers, so definitely go visit even if you aren't hungry!

I have been to the restrooms on other visits and can attest that they are lovely. I do not think there is a changing table.

Probably won't go back with the monkeys, but I'll be back.

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Kepa said...

I'm going to be eating her this coming Sunday for brunch, so I'm pretty excited!

Also, it's cool to "discover" (I know you've been doing this a while :D) another memphis food blogger. Since moving here with my wife, I've started my own, and it's fun to see your take on things with the family in tow.

Love your Las Tortugas reviews. It's easily my favourite Mexican restaurant!

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