Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Mango Restaurant
2733 Getwell

When Jennifer Biggs, of the CA, reviewed Mango back in April, I immediately put it on my list of places to take the monkeys (Satchel, 10, and Jiro, 8). Mexican, Middle Eastern, AND ice cream? Yes, please.

Last Saturday, we once again made the trek to Sky Zone and I made it a point to drive home via Getwell, so we could check out Mango. It's in a strip mall, and pretty easy to miss. I had to circle back after passing it.


The inside is very cute and your meal could easily be sidetracked due to the prominence of the ice cream counter.


Thankfully, the monkeys were actually interested in eating. I wasn't sure if we should sit down or order at the counter (since there's a huge menu on the wall), but a nice man, who I am assuming to be the owner, told us to have a seat.

The menu on the wall was very large, like I said, and contained pictures. Satchel immediately honed in on the hot wings. (Seriously, he has a problem. The problem being I ate hot wings throughout my pregnancy with him?)

The waiter/owner handed us all what he called "new menus."


I couldn't really discern the differences, so we proceeded with Satchel's order of hot wings. "You want hot?" the waiter/owner asked Satchel. I followed up with "Hot or mild?" He looked at us both like we were stupid, and said, "Hot."

"Oh, he's a big boy!" the waiter/owner commented.

Jiro wanted a cheeseburger, per usual. The waiter/owner who had previously tried to get us to order drinks rather than waters, noted that if Jiro was getting a cheeseburger and fries, he could have a free drink. I really didn't think Jiro needed a soft drink, but he put me on the spot. He listed the drinks for Jiro, who then selected fruit punch.

I really hoped to convince Satchel to get a mango burger, which actually comes with mango, but he would not be swayed. These dudes have gotten in a serious cheeseburger/hot wing rut. Much like the chicken nugget, hot wings and cheeseburgers are on a lot of menus.

Anyway, I wanted to try both the mango burger and the hummus with ground beef that Biggs highlighted, but there were lots of other things that sounded good too. I needed Warren so we could split a few things, but I was on my own. I asked the waiter/owner to make a suggestion and he suggested I try the shishawook platter. Sold!

While we waited for our food, the waiter/owner brought out a plate of chicharrones. Usually chicharrones are fried pork skins. I guess that's what these might have been, albeit a very processed version. They didn't have much flavor until I squeezed the lime and added a little hot sauce. Then they were a nice appetizer.


Our food came out soon after. I thought Jiro's burger looked very tasty. Bigg's noted that the burgers weren't hand formed, but based on the looks and size of the patty I had to wonder if maybe they took her suggestion and upgraded the meat.


Jiro was somewhat distraught that his burger had lettuce, tomato, and a shit ton of mayo on it.


I immediately performed surgery on it and somehow convinced him it was not ruined. Pshew! He was still a little cranky about it because it was slippery. I wrapped a napkin around it and that helped. He only made it through half of it, but it was a pretty big burger.


Satchel was pleased with his wings. He polished off the fries first and then dug in.


He managed to get through three before declaring it felt like he had needles in his tongue! I tried one and it was hot, but not crazy hot. I think I'll tell him to save his fries to help with the fire next time.

My plate was absolutely lovely.


The chicken was grilled to perfection. I let Jiro try it and he said, "Mmmm, it's like Daddy's chicken." The pita was nice and warm and I loved the garlic sauce. Also, the salad was fresh and flavorful. The rice was nothing special, which was fine, because I was too full to eat it. I let Satch have it in the hopes it would help with his mouth burn.

While we were eating, another family came in, and I noted that one of the cooks, who had brought out our food, was called over to take their order, in Spanish. (Our waiter/owner was the source of the Middle Eastern dishes on the menu.)

I thought for sure the monkeys would want ice cream, but I guess they were full. When I told Jiro I was going to see what they had, he said he would look too.

There were about twenty flavors of Blue Bell ice cream for scooping, milkshaking, or making sundaes.


And an assortment of pre-packaged treats.


There were also paletas from Paletas Lichitas in Nashville.


I only just realized they were from Nashville, otherwise I might have tried one. I ended up getting a chocolate/vanilla ice cream bar instead.


Jiro went for a Crunch bar.


We paid at the counter. Our total was a very reasonable $25.90 and there was no tip line, or tip jar.

The waiter/owner was very nice and wanted to know how we liked everything, how we heard about the place, and if we'd be back. Oh yes, we'll be back. I have many more menu items to try.

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Ashley said...

i enjoy the shit out of this blog.

Tracie said...

Those "chicarrones" were chicharrones de harina, or duros, and are not made out of pork skin, but are a type of pasta.

Btw, I saw some at Kroger mislabled as dried chiles. I told the guy it was wrong, but they still haven't corrected the problem.


Anonymous said...

They are closed now

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