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111 Jackson Avenue

A friend of mine told me about Monday being $5 pizza night at Ferraro's a few weeks ago, and I finally got a chance to take the monkeys (Satchel, 9, and Jiro, 7). Ferraro's is downtown in the old High Point Pinch building across from what used to be the North End. I'll admit that it seems weird to be in that area during daylight hours as I have a lot of late night memories from that corner. I've been to Ferraro's a couple of times for lunch and generally like the pizza, but we are pretty faithful fans of the Trolley Stop. However, it is hard to argue against $5 pizza.

(Thanks to ilovememphis for the photo!)

Warren had to work late and then planned to go to Kendo, so I invited my friend, Aimee, and her two daughters to join us. (She too could not argue against $5 pizza.) We arrived first and when I told the boys that girls were coming, they squealed and insisted on sitting as close to me as possible.


There was a UT women's basketball game on TV that Jiro was very interested in watching. Satchel looked up and commented, "I didn't know girls played basketball." Really? Considering he once said, "I didn't know men could be doctors," I didn't get too riled up. Clearly at 9 years old he still has a lot of living and learning to do.

Since it was approaching 6:30pm and hunger levels were high, I went ahead and ordered them a half pepperoni, half sausage pizza even though Aimee hadn't arrived. They also both scammed me for a root beer.

The $5 deal is for a 12 inch cheese pizza. For every veggie topping, add .75. For every meat topping, add $1.00. Even with a topping or two it's still a good deal.

Aimee and her girls arrived shortly after, and as a bonus surprise so did my friend, Launa, and her three children. Seriously, $5 pizza! It's a draw! (Just ask Little Caesar's.)

Since the adults were completely outnumbered, we decided to let the kids have their own table. You can see that they were quite happy about that.


We were quite happy having our own table too.


For the record, I was not drinking all three of those beers.

Satchel and Jiro's pizza came out super fast and they went ahead and shared with their friends. Soon, it seemed like there was a non-stop stream of pizzas being delivered to the kids' table.


As you can see, Ferraro's pizza is New York style. And it's pretty tasty. Ruby was extra excited about her dinner.


Over at the adults' table, it took us awhile to decide on a flavor, but we eventually agreed on the Greek chicken. It wasn't on special, but since we were splitting it three ways, we didn't care.


It was really YUM. We ate every bit of it. I also made a trip to the kids' table to have a slice or two of theirs.

In the end, I ordered the monkeys a second pizza of which they ate one piece. It was fine, since it is always nice to have leftovers. Our grand total was $32.32 for two special one topping pizzas, 1/3 of a specialty pizza, 2 root beers and 2 Ghost Rivers on tap. Clearly the lure of the $5 pizza pays off for Ferraro's. With tip, I spent more than I probably would have at the Pizza Cafe and maybe even Trolley Stop*, but we had a great time, the food was good, and our server was sharp as a tack.

*Knowing that the pizza is $5 makes it easier to add on drinks, extra pizzas, etc. One could certainly exercise some restraint and get out of there for $10-$15.

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