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Do Sushi (Closed)

Do closed its doors on October 14, 2012.

Do Sushi
964 S. Cooper

So I turned 40 last week. For my birthday dinner, I chose Do. Warren and I have been a few times, but not recently, and apparently the monkeys (Satchel, 9, and Jiro, 7) had been with their friends, but we'd never been together. We headed over at 6:00pm on Thursday.


There were just a few other people there, probably due to the early hour, and we had our pick of seats. Of course the monkeys wanted to sit at the table in the corner window which requires sitting on the floor.


Despite appearances, Warren is not asleep. He is meditating.

Our waiter was very attentive and we got our drink order taken right away. Water for the kids, tea for Warren, and a Sapporo for me. I didn't get a picture of Warren's tea but he was completely entranced by the tea bag and said you could tell that it was really good tea.

I had gotten a lot of recommendations on which sushi to try, but wasn't really sure what to get the kids. Our waiter suggested edamame to start, which none of us has ever refused. Warren really wanted the una don (rice bowl with eel) but I told him he had to help me eat a ton of sushi. So we ordered one for Satchel since he is an eel hound. I asked the waiter if the sushi chef would mind doing a plain shrimp tempura roll for Jiro and he said it was no problem. Then we ordered some soba noodles for good measure.

Once our order was in, Satchel asked if he and Jiro could play Mancala. I noticed the box sitting on the window sill and happily handed it over. Unfortunately it was missing many pieces so we had to improvise. I emptied my purse of change, and even a broken earring. Then Satchel balled up some straw wrappers. I suggested using edamame seeds but it never came to that.


Speaking of edamame, it was exceptional. I know that it all comes frozen, but it was a nice sized serving and they were all plump and juicy. And we really liked the addition of a lime to season.


We hadn't even finished the edamame when the una don and soba came out. Both looked delicious--to the adults.


I removed the radish and as many green onions as I could, but Jiro would have more than a bite or two.


Satchel happily freed the eel from its vegetable jail, but said the rice was too sour to eat. I think he was just full.


Oh, I guess I should mention that I let Satchel eat two hot dogs at home because he was starving. I figured it might also help cut down our bill. He's been known to go crazy at Sekisui.

Jiro, who was patiently waiting on the sushi, kept himself busy drawing scary ghost hunters.


I had a second Sapporo. I thought it was really nice of the waiter to pour my beers into a glass but I noticed that the whole beer didn't fit in the glass. Rather than leave the bottle, he took it with him. Yes, it was just a sip or so left in the bottle, but still. (Am I wrong here?) But really, that is my only complaint because he was just all around pleasant and efficient.

It did take awhile for the sushi to come out, but it was totally worth the wait. (I had to yell at Warren the whole time and tell him not to get full on the edamame, soba, and una don remnants!) The way the sushi was stacked made it not look like very much, but it was four rolls and three ngiri.


Oh I should also mention that Do has a female sushi chef, which you don't see everyday. (Marissa Baggett was the original chef, but she has moved on to greener pastures.)

We tried J's Fave which had spicy crawfish, cucumber, cream cheese, and seared walu and stiracha on top. I liked it a lot but Warren said that cheese, especially cream cheese, had no business being in sushi. I'd say the spicy seared scallop roll with crab, avocado, masago, and sriracha aoili was our favorite. I couldn't resist the spicy crawfish with pickled okra and sriracha since it is one of my favorite Marissa creation. And our last roll was the coconut shrimp roll. Yum.

I was also a fan of the ngiri, especially the ones with the thin slice of citrus.


Jiro's sushi was very plain and just to his liking. He ate it all.

While we waited on the check ($81.38!) Warren told us about Duncan Leung, Wing Chun master and "Chopstick killer."

Overall it was a very nice dinner. I don't think it is as kid-friendly food wise as Sekisui, but they obviously don't mind making adjustments. Not sure I'd take the boys on a busy Friday or Saturday night either, but early Thursday was just fine. Warren and I will definitely be back.

Another plus is that they are a certified Project Green Fork restaurant.

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