Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Los Jarochos (Taco Trailer)

Los Jarochos
Summer & Perkins, most evenings

Last week, I did a story on food trucks for the Commercial Appeal. A lot of research went into the story and we included a list of the 25 trucks that have been certified.

There were several comments on the story (and from my friends on Facebook) about us not listing the Twitter handles for the trucks. Well, I'm sorry to report that the vast majority of them are not using Twitter. @fuelfoodtruck and @bossman901 are the two exceptions. (If you haven't tried the Fuel food truck, you aren't living! I love it. Full post coming soon!)

We called them all, and there isn't any easy way to list where they all are or when they are there or how to find them. Until they get more organized, all anyone can do is drive around and look for them, or do their own reporting! In that vein, I introduce the Los Jarochos taco trailer. As you can see, it technically isn't a truck.

From what I've heard, they park at the corner of Summer & Perkins most evenings. There's an empty Walgreens there and they set up in the parking lot adjacent to Perkins. We went at about 6:30pm on Friday and there was a small group of people there. I asked a few of them if there was a menu, and since there wasn't, I asked what they had. "Tacos," was the answer. With the help of bystanders and the nice woman taking orders, I determined that they had shrimp, lengua, tripa, and carne asada, but no chicken. Jiro, full from our pre-dinner of paletas and elote at La Michoacana, opted out when he heard there was no chicken.

I ordered three tacos--one lengua, one tripa, and one carne asada. The woman thankfully asked if I wanted onions and cilantro on them, and I asked for Satchel's to be plain. They cost $1.75 each and took about 5 seconds to make.

Satchel was totally excited about standing in a dark parking lot and eating a warm tortilla filled with lengua.

Even though it looks pretty plain, it was packed with flavor.

Warren wanted his tacos to be anything but plain. He spent quite a good bit of time fancying them up at the toppings station. There were all sorts of things to add.

He opted to eat his in the car. He even gave me a few bites. (I was nervous about eating from a taco trailer the night before a big run.)

Los Jarochos

They were very tasty! We failed to get any napkins or drinks, but they had both.

We'll be back!

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