Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mt. Tom's Homemade Ice Cream (Easthampton, MA)

Mt. Tom's Homemade Ice Cream
34 Cottage Street
Easthampton, Massachusetts

From almost the first minute that we arrived in Massachusetts our friend Vanessa was raving about Mt. Tom's Homemade Ice Cream. It took us a few days to get there, which is probably good, since I wanted to go every single day after that.


Mt. Tom's is named after the nearby mountain, and is in the heart of Easthampton. Not only do they sell fresh, homemade ice cream, they sell candy too. Vanessa told me about the dark chocolate with almond and sea salt and I couldn't wait to taste it.


It was so, so good. I wanted to marry it. There were many awesome sounding flavors though, and Warren & Satchel had a hard time choosing.


Ultimately, Warren had to go with Maple Bacon and Satchel simply can't pass up anything coconut.


Jiro, my littlest monkey, nearly got himself disowned when he opted to get candy rather than ice cream.


His crazy half brother followed suit. They seemed happy, so I let it go, but dang.


Mt. Tom's sells ice cream by the pint, and it's actually just a dollar more than a large cup. For that reason alone, I'd have my freezer bustin' if we lived nearby. Actually, on our last night in town, Vanessa, Jiro and I made a late night Mt. Tom's run and totally stocked up. I tasted several more flavors on that trip and they were all awesome. I had to go back to the dark chocolate with almond and sea salt though.

Jiro finally tried the ice cream--coconut almond fudge--and admitted it was better than candy.


We can also highly recommend the burnt sugar and peanut butter banana. Yum.

Mt. Tom's, I love you. Won't you be mine?

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