Saturday, July 02, 2011

Corbin's BBQ N Grill (Gettysburg, PA)

Corbin's BBQ N Grill
885 Taneytown Rd
Gettysburg, PA
(717) 334-3771

As we drove through Gettysburg--yes it is that big--we passed this place a couple of times. After four hours of taking about war and guns, I insisted we get some lunch. It was about 3pm.


There was no one there when we arrived, but moments later a whole horde of people showed up as if they were following us. I think the screened in porch and the promise of ice cream was appealing to just about everyone who drive by.


Their credit card machine was down and we didn't have tons of cash on us, so we tried to control ourselves. The boys each got a burger, Warren strangely opted for a BBQ sandwich, and even stranger, I went for a cup of gumbo. We also got an order of fries to split and two milkshakes.

Our total was about $30, which is pretty standard for us. We all made a quick stop in the restroom to freshen up then grabbed a booth on the porch. Our milkshakes were ready almost immediately and they totally hit the spot.


Not long after, everything else was ready. The burgers were generous and tasty. The fries were crisp and delicious. Jiro went ahead and declared the meal the best of our trip.


Warren reported that the BBQ sandwich wasn't as good as one you'd get in Memphis, but that it wasn't too shabby.


The gumbo was also pretty decent. It had rice, sausage and small shrimp. Maybe even some chicken? It had a nice kick to it.


After a few spoonfuls, I could see that Satchel was eying my lunch. He offered to trade me his hamburger and I took him up on it.

We didn't leave a single crumb on the table and I really wanted to get another round of fries and maybe another shake, but I couldn't convince Warren to let me spend his last ten dollars.

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