Monday, April 04, 2011

Ted Drewes (St. Louis)

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard
4224 S Grand Blvd
St Louis, MO 63111
(314) 352-7376

I was told that if we went to St. Louis without visiting Ted Drewes then we had wasted 5 hours in the car. After our dinner at Schlafly Bottleworks, we headed over for dessert.


I wasn't sure what to expect, but it soon became clear that it was a stand-in-line-outside-and-get-your-custard-to-go situation. (I could tell by the huge line of people!) It was way bigger than say Jerry's Sno Cones, and from the street I would have guessed you could go in, but there is no seating anywhere. Getting it to go wasn't a problem since it was already a little late and were ready to head back to the hotel.


Despite having only one flavor of custard, there is quite an extensive menu. I was at a loss as to what to order. The kids pointed to pictures on taped to the window and said, "I want that!" The very nice and patient gal at the window gave me the whole spiel and even gave us a sample taste.

Since I waited so long to write this up, I don't remember what exactly the boys got. Jiro's was like a sundae and Satchel's was like a strawberry shortcake. They were bothe very happy with their order.


I got a concrete--aka a milkshake--to share with Warren. Our total bill was about $12. We were in and out in about ten minutes, despite the crowd and not knowing what to get, which was impressive.

I thought the custard was good, but I don't know that Ted Drewes has to be a regular stop for us. Maybe I'll sing a different tune when it's hotter? My first job ever was working at Old Tyme Frozen Custard on Mt. Moriah. We made custard in several flavors and did some pretty amazing things with it. Not sure Ted Drewes was more exciting than the concoctions I used to come up with when I got bored on the job! But really, I might still be inclined to seek out a gelato or a froyo instead. (I didn't actually see any froyo places in St. Louis though. Maybe Ted Drewes is keeping that trend at bay in St. Louis?) However, I'm certainly glad we visited and know what all the fuss is about.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a St. Louisan transplanted to Memphis. St. Louis has the Froyo chain and the Red Mango chain. I recommend Froyo on Delmar Blvd in the U City Loop. Thanks for your blog!

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