Wednesday, March 16, 2011

YoLo Midtown

YoLo Midtown
6 S. Cooper

Jiro (age 6) and I went to the new YoLo Midtown last night in what we anticipate to be the first of many visits.

The Midtown store, located next to Lenny's where the old convenience store used to be on the corner of Madison and Cooper, has everything we've grown to love at the Erin store...and more. In addition to multiple frozen yogurt flavors and numerous local toppings, the Midtown store also offers house-made, all natural gelato and freshly baked yummies from the now in-house Lady Bugg Bakery.

The inside is set up pretty much like the other stores where you choose your flavor, add your toppings, and then weigh at the register.

Adjacent to the register are the baked goods and gelato selections. (Gelato is not self-serve.) A few of their current gelato flavors include: Mint Chocolate, Nutella, Mascarpone, Tiramisu, Pistachio, Strawberry, and Roasted Almond. (Yum!)


A few bakery offerings include: Vegan Muffins, Hello Dollies, cupcakes in various flavors (changes daily), Lemon Tarts, Lady Fingers, and fresh cookies, baked daily. (Um, double yum!)

The interior features the bright colors and clean lines of the other stores and already feels like its been a part of Midtown forever. YoLo did an amazing job tailoring the store to Midtowners' tastes. Case in point--the addition of a variety of coffee selections from Millington-based McCarter's coffee. And that's not all--they plan to add a patio as well.

For our inaugural visit, we stuck to the basics--frozen yogurt and our favorite toppings.

Jiro, who has been properly instructed in the best way to enjoy self-serve yogurt, allowed me to dispense the yogurt for him, and then said, "I'm only going to get two toppings. Maybe three." He carefully inspected his choices and added M&Ms, one Thin Mint cookie, and a few Reese's Pieces. He offered me a taste, and they perfectly complimented his selection of half peanut butter, half cookies & cream yogurt.

I went for a mixture of espresso (my fave) and white chocolate mousse. I added a teeny bit of candy bar and lots of delicious looking blackberries.

We took a seat and enjoyed our yogurt with several other Midtowners who wasted no time packing the store.

I should also mention that the new store is also Project Green Fork certified. That means recycling, earth-friendly containers, non-toxic cleaners, and energy-efficient practices.

(PGF is having a gelato flavor naming contest too!)

The new store is just the tip of the iceberg for YoLo. They are also unveiling their mobile airstream which will be available for private parties and other events. (Once City Council passes the new food truck ordinance, you will see it in public venues as well!) Look for the YoLo mobile at the upcoming Levitt Shell season and at future Rock-n-Romps!

Seriously, could YoLo be more awesome??

Why yes, they can.

If you visit the store today between 3-4pm, you can take part in the official ribbon cutting and sample some gelato for free!

Project Green Fork Certified Restaurant

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