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Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken

Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken
3633 Millbranch Road

A couple of weekends ago, Warren, Jiro (age 6) and I headed over to Uncle Lou's to take the Monster Burger challenge for a Flyer story I was working on about food challenges. Of all the ones I found in town, the Monster Burger challenge seemed the most do-able. From the website:
The burger is made up of 1/3-pound of beef (three patties), stacked between five pieces of cheese and served on a Kaiser bun...the Monster Burger Challenge...challenges customers to eat two of the burgers in eight minutes.
Even Jiro was excited about trying the "Monster Truck" burger. He felt pretty sure he could win the challenge, no problem.

Sadly, when we arrived, we were told that they were no longer doing the challenge. No one knew exactly when they stopped or why. (I can only assume after two appearances on Food Network they no longer needed the gimmick to get people in.)

So we re-grouped and assumed this was a blessing in disguise.

We were there at about 11:00am on Sunday and were pleased to find that it wasn't at all crowded. We were greeted at the door and directed to a wall of pictures to help us figure out our order.

I decided to get us a Monster Burger combo with fries and a drink, and a couple orders of wings--plain for Jiro and Sweet Spicy Love for me and W. (Other menu options included a whole deep fried Cajun chicken, smoked sausage, fried bologna, and shrimp.)

I had heard that the food is made to order and can take awhile, but we were served in just a few minutes. I barely had time to examine the Wall of Fame and the map with pushpins from all of their visitors.

Some nice young men brought our food over and we happily dug in. The Monster Burger was indeed a monster. We offered Jiro the first bite, but there was no way he could get his mouth over it.

So the first bite went to Warren.

It's really much larger than it appears.

I took a few bites and then Warren went back to work on it. I eventually stopped him and told him he would probably regret eating the whole thing. Once he threw in the towel, I turned it into a regular one patty burger and let Jiro eat the rest.

However, Jiro was quite happy to eat chicken wings and fries.

As was I. The Sweet Spicy Love sauce rules. It's the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. There's no fire to put out--you can keep eating, and the sauce is great for dipping fries.

The wings were exceptional. Truly. There were no leftovers.

Jiro, who had sticky fingers from the chicken, requested that I take him to wash his hands. Not one to miss an opportunity to check out the facilities, I happily agreed. The bathrooms were fine. Not necessarily a first choice spot for changing a diaper, but perfectly functional for standard operations.

The only thing we were missing were some of Uncle Lou's honey dipped biscuits. Jiro pointed this out as we headed back to the table. "Can we come back for breakfast and have biscuits?" he asked.

I had asked for a biscuit when I originally ordered, but it got left off the ticket. I went up to the window and asked to buy one, but they just gave me a box of three for free. Score!

We were pretty full, so I took one bite--they were a bit sweet for me--and saved them until breakfast the next day when Jiro and big brother, Satchel, devoured them.

Uncle Lou's is a pretty no frills kind of place. Unfortunately it isn't near anything that I regularly visit, so it does require a pretty significant special trip. I'd definitely say it's worth trying out, especially if you are a fan of chicken wings and/or burgers.

They offer free refills on drinks, free wifi, and have quite an extensive line of merch. (I really wish I would have bought a bottle of Sweet Spicy Love sauce!) There's also a gumball machine and a tattoo machine, so bring quarters for the monkeys.

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