Monday, September 27, 2010

Meltdown (New Orleans)

4011 St Claude Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70117
(504) 301-0905

Meltdown has moved out of the Quarter and closer to the Bywater, but it is still a crowd pleaser! We stopped by after tourning the Ninth Ward during our Spring Break trip with friends. If you buy ten, you get one free!


Below is my original review. The pops are still the same, just gotta drive to get them!

508 Dumaine Street
New Orleans, LA
(504) 301-0905

OK listen up. While we're getting all excited about frozen yogurt, most cities are moving on to gourmet ice cream, gelato, and popsicles. My friend who lives in New Orleans told me about a popsicle shop in the Quarter called The Meltdown (great name, right?), and I HAD to check it out.

We stopped by on a Sunday before heading out of town and the Quarter was bustling. There was no parking in sight, so I was deployed to get a Muffaletta at Central Grocery and popsicles (just around the corner) at the Meltdown while Warren and the monkeys (Satchel, 8, and Jiro 6) circled the block. Unfortunately, Central Grocery isn't open on Sundays.

Thankfully, the Meltdown is.

It's a teeny tiny little shop and if you just drive past you might miss it. There are no tables or anything. Just a counter, a small cooler, and a register. I stopped outside to peruse the flavors.

I called Warren and read him the list. When I asked what he wanted, he said, "I don't know, whatever."

"What about the kids?" I asked.

"I DON'T KNOW. WHATEVER." he said.

Clearly, he was enjoying circling the block. I decided to make an executive decision and get him a Vietnamese coffee one. I opted for the chocolate sea salt and pistachios. I was a little perplexed as to what to get the monkeys so I consulted the woman in the shop.

"What flavors do kids like?" I asked.

"Raspberry lime is good and salted caramel, believe it or not," she said.

"Sold!" I said. Then we had a fun conversation about how sweet and salty are the perfect mix.

Since the coffee and the caramel looked alike, she wrote the names on for me. Each one cost $3. I paid up and then set out to find the dudes.

When I got in the car and asked who wanted what, Warren grumpily said, "None of those sound good. Why didn't you get me pineapple cilantro like I asked?"


I moved on to the monkeys. Satchel requested raspberry and Jiro wanted caramel. I opened up the two others and convinced Warren to take a bite. They were AWESOME. Way better than any popsicle I ever made.

Soon we were all enjoying a lovely sugar high, swapping tastes, and happily heading home. I will definitely make the Meltdown my first stop the next time I am in Nola. (They are open from 12-6 daily.)

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