Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Gumbo Shop (New Orleans)

The Gumbo Shop
630 Saint Peter
New Orleans, Louisiana

We were in New Orleans over the weekend for a friend's wedding. On Saturday, we rode bikes through the French Quarter and stopped for lunch at the Gumbo Shop. I'd flipped through the (local alternative newspaper) Gambit's "Best of" issue and the Gumbo Shop was listed #1 for gumbo. (Go figure!) Satchel (8) LOVES gumbo, as do I, so it was an easy call.

It's just a half a block from Jackson Square and around the corner from St. Louis Cathedral. It's in a very old building--we're talking 1795--and couldn't be cuter.

When we walked in there were several people in the dining room, so we opted to sit out in the courtyard. It was a lovely courtyard and the weather was nice, so it seemed like the perfect place to be. (The bathrooms were right there too. Clean, but way too small to change a diaper in.)

Our waitress was super nice, and obviously used to seeing kids. She brought each of the monkeys a Disney coloring page and crayons and said, "I know you are probably too old for these, but..." Satchel and Jiro (6) happily accepted the sheets and set about coloring. The waitress also brought them waters in paper cups with lids.

Warren, Satchel, and I all wanted gumbo so we didn't have to examine the menu too long, but I wasn't really sure what to get Jiro. There was no kids' menu and the po-boys were of the roast beef, sauteed shrimp and blackened catfish variety rather than the monkey preferred fried shrimp variety. They did offer a grilled cheese, but that just seemed silly. In the end he decided on a (blackened) chicken po-boy. It came with chips and a pickle. I pulled out some chicken and put it on a plate with some chips and he was happy.

I got the seafood okra gumbo which was delish. However, it was very clear that the secret ingredient was butter. I rationalized eating it all since I was going to exercise it right off with our afternoon bike ride.

I ordered Satchel a cup of chicken and alligator sausage gumbo, but he convinced Warren to trade his bowl for the cup. The waitress brought us a fresh loaf of French bread and Satchel happily dipped his in the gumbo until he was absolutely stuffed.

We all cleaned our plates, hydrated with some water, and were ready to get back on the bikes and check out the Insectarium.

Our total bill was $34 before tip and worth every penny. The service was fast and friendly. Satchel wanted to eat there for dinner and lunch the next day and has been asking me when we will go back to New Orleans so he can eat there again!

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