Monday, August 23, 2010


559 Erin Drive

I have been waiting for YoLo to open for several weeks. Maybe months. The monkeys (Satchel, 8, and Jiro, 6), along with some of our friends, got a chance to try it out on Sunday after an afternoon of swimming.

I had briefed the monkeys on the protocol before we got there--it's self serve everything, pay by the ounce. The idea alone thrilled them. Once we got inside, they dashed to the back, grabbed an eco cup and got started filling it up.

There was a lot to take in, and I didn't really get a chance to do that. Between trying to take pictures and trying to keep the monkeys from going too crazy, I had little time to snoop. I can say that they had several delicious flavors to choose from.

Jiro got the coconut, Satchel got triple chocolate, and I got a swirl of espresso and vanilla. Jiro was absolutely stoked to self serve the yogurt. I just watched him go, camera in hand.

Rather than do what I did, I suggest you take a cue from Colleen and monitor the amount of yogurt the kids get, since it is the heaviest component.

As for the toppings, beware, the candy and cereal are up first. Satchel did do a quick run up and down the topping aisle to see what they had first, which is an excellent idea. I love that he went for the shredded coconut. (We've been eating coconuts at home, hence the popularity with the monkeys.)

I love that they have several local ingredients. I can only assume the "Lo" in YoLo is for local.

I really, really love Groovy Granola. I buy it almost every week at the Farmer's Market. Best. Granola. Ever. And it has to be the #1 yogurt topping in the whole world.

The fruit toppings looked really fresh and they included peaches from Jones Orchard as well as a couple other local selections. Sadly, I didn't see the fruit until I had already loaded up on other toppings so I just sprinkled a few peaches on top for good measure.

"Hmmm...should we get more toppings? What did you say about only getting two? Huh?" Yes, suggesting they only get two toppings was rather silly.

Here's Jiro getting his 10th topping from the local bakery section. Mini cheese bites anyone? Chocolate mint chocolate chip cookie?

This is what $18 worth of YoLo looks like.

Colleen and I had a little sticker shock after paying for our orders. We optimistically discussed how in the future we'd limit the amount of yogurt and try and scale back the number of toppings. But in general, we talked about how damn yummy everything was. Satchel and Jiro both only ate about half of theirs, which was rather annoying, but it did allow me to get a few extra tastes, which I wasn't complaining about. Overall, everyone was having a great time.

Silly bands were the talk of the day. Not sure who had one shaped like a YoLo.

Colleen & Ayden were all smiles, as usual.

YoLo sells a variety of drinks as well as bottled water, but not just any bottled water--Memphis water.

Cute, but I prefer mine from the tap.

When I went to throw away my eco cup, I noticed a few empty water bottles in the trash. Despite the local ingredients and earth friendly products, they don't have any recycling in place. However, I believe they are pursuing their Project Green Fork certification, so hopefully it's just a matter of time.

I took a peek in the bathrooms before we left and they were very nice, but didn't contain a changing table. There's definitely room so maybe they'll add one. I saw lots of kids and babies in the store! And lots of people without kids for that matter. This is one popular place, and it's no wonder why. I can't wait to go back.

Project Green Fork Certified Restaurant
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Anonymous said...

We've been twice already with our little monkey. I highly suggest the California Tart & Pomegranate flavors. Excellent with fresh fruit & granola piled on top.

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

This place is nice! and making me want yogurt LOL.


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