Friday, May 22, 2009

Los Compadres

Ed. Note: Los Compadres moved down the street after losing their lease. The new address is 3295 Poplar Ave. I'm not sure if the food/service is the same!

See my original review from two and a half years ago here...

Los Compadres
2617 Poplar Avenue

We went to Chickasaw Gardens to (not) feed the ducks on Sunday evening with our good friend, Vanessa, and her two monkeys (Tasha, 7 months, and Miles, 4). As it started getting dark and chilly, Vanessa asked if there was anywhere "fast" close by that we could all grab dinner. Warren and I consulted for a few minutes and decided on Los Compadres.

It had been awhile since our last visit since we've been venturing to various Mexican restaurants along Summer Avenue lately, but it was just as we remembered. We weren't surprised to see the patio and restaurant full--it is quite the favorite spot for Midtowners. (Even despite the semi-recent shooting.) Jiro immediately made a beeline for the box of Blow Pops by the register (just as he did during my last review). However rather than pouting when I said he could have one after dinner, he immediately went and sat down and got ready to make a happy plate.

There were lots of families in attendance and it seemed like almost everyone was drinking margaritas. (I'm sure the gorgeous weather had something to do with that.) I don't normally drink alcohol when we are out with the monkeys, but the margaritas were tempting me...and Vanessa. And Warren. We discussed getting a half pitcher, but I somehow missed the "half" part and ordered us a whole one. "We don't have to drink it all," we agreed. (Yeah, right!)

The monkeys were all hungry and amazingly well-behaved. After placing their orders, they set about eating chips, chatting, and watching soccer on TV. Jiro especially amazed me with his ability to sit still. (Anything for a lollipop!) He alternated between watching the TV and watching Tasha. Every so often he reached over and petted her. It was v. sweet. Miles and Satchel were leading a discussion about the fried ice cream they spotted on the menu. ("How do they fry it? Does it taste as good as it looks? Can we have some?") We told them they could have some if they made happy plates. Soon we had three monkeys single-mindedly prepared eat at all costs.

Jiro opted for the chicken nuggets after Warren read him the children's menu options. (I usually skip the nugget choice when I read them.) Satchel got the taco with rice & beans reluctantly after I told him cheese dip did not count as dinner. (Miles' order eluded me since I wasn't responsible for making it!) I impulsively ordered nachos and Warren, per usual, got the carnitas. (Vanessa got a burrito of some sort.)

Honestly the food portion of our meal is rather blurry thanks to the pitcher of margaritas! I have to say that I have probably never been so relaxed while out with my children. I was so relaxed in fact that I didn't even realize that it was taking forever for our food to come out. (Looking around the room it seemed most everyone had cleared out, but our waitress' section was packed. Packed full of people drinking margaritas!)

The food did arrive and we all scarfed it down. Jiro was rewarded with two Blow Pops and Satchel and Miles got their fried ice cream. Everyone was happy as can be.

The boys got their sugar fix and Warren and Vanessa chatted while Tasha and I made friends with the table next to us. We had a hilarious conversation in which the sweet man next to me insisted that Tasha looked just like Warren. (I think he thought I needed to know something.)

I can't say what our tab was because Vanessa generously offered to pay. (Normally I am able to stop her, but the margaritas slowed my reflexes.)

Tasha reached her cute/sweet/happy/mellow as can be limit so it was time to leave. We said our goodbyes in the parking lot and left with everyone (except Tasha) still feeling incredibly happy.

We were home for about 5 minutes before I started feeling sick. I would have blamed the margaritas, but Satchel woke up with a stomach ache the size of Texas the next morning. A call to Vanessa confirmed that she and Miles didn't feel so great either. So now I blame the margaritas and the fried ice cream! However, we had so much fun, I don't know that I'll let a stomach ache keep me from going back...and having a margarita.

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