Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sweet: The Exquisite Desserterie (Closed)

Ed. Note: Sadly, Sweet is no longer in business.

Sweet: The Exquisite Desserterie
938 South Cooper

When I heard that a dessert shop was opening up in Cooper-Young, my first thought was, "I should take the monkeys (Satchel, 6, and Jiro, 4) there!"

One day while lunching at Tsunami, I peeked in the windows of Sweet before getting back in my car. It sure does look fancy, I thought to myself.

Then I found out that Sweet serves dinner and stays open for late night drinks.

Humph, maybe it's not a place for monkeys after all.

But THEN, I read a little write up in The Memphis News that mentioned pistachio cake. And then my friend Colleen mentioned something about cookie dough cheesecake.

I changed my mind.

One Tuesday night after a visit to the Peabody Park sprayground, I said to the monkeys, "Wanna go get a treat?"

You can guess what they said.


So, off we went to Sweet at about 7:30pm. Surprisingly, it was just about empty. As we hovered near the glass case full of tasty treats at the front of the restaurant, I perused the dining room. Still fancy. Fancy + empty could equal trouble. "Hey guys, let's get something to go," I said.

Satchel looked up at me with his big brown eyes and said, "But I want THAT."

He was pointing at an ice cream sundae.

I looked at the hostess and said, "Maybe we'll just sit on the patio."

Satchel and Jiro changed their minds about what they wanted about a zillion times. I couldn't really blame them since everything looked awesome. They finally decided on red velvet cupcakes and I ordered a piece of pistachio cake. (They didn't have the cookie dough cheesecake that day.)

We placed our order and took a seat outside. The waitress brought out some waters and we settled in. I asked to see a menu, just for fun and soon Satchel was peering over my shoulder. "Do they have food here?"

"Yes," I said. "Looks like fancy salads and stuff."

"I want a salad!" he said enthusiastically.

Then I actually uttered this sentence: "We're not here to eat salad, we're here to eat cake!"

Now most kids would probably mention this when awarding me the "Coolest Mom Ever" trophy, but Satchel actually grunted and sunk down in his chair as if I was the SUCK.

Thankfully Jiro distracted him. "Is that plane flying to the moon?" he asked.

We both looked up. The moon was full and the sky was clear. I laughed. "It does look that way, huh?"

"WHERE is MY cupCAKE?" Satchel asked all cranky just as the waitress brought them out.

They looked yummy. About two seconds later, everyone was HAPPY HAPPY.

Check out my pistachio cake. Mmmmmm...

We all traded bites and compared notes, then it occurred to me that I should probably take a treat home to Warren, who was painting the dining room. I went back in and inquired about the cheesecake of the day, but like the cookie dough cheesecake, it was also gone. "Do you have any kind of cheesecake?" I asked.


"Oh well, I guess I'll get the fabulous looking chocolate peanut butter pie," I said.

I walked back onto the patio to discover that the monkeys were getting a little rowdy. Of course they each found a unique way to defile their red velvet cupcakes. Jiro was spitting chewed up bits through his straw into his water, which was in a clear plastic cup. Satchel had an indistinguishable ball of goop in his mouth which turned out to be the cupcake paper. "Gross!" I screamed. "You two are GROSS!"

I was not amused. But I was relieved that they did not harm what remained of my pistachio cake.

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