Thursday, January 11, 2007


Fino's from the Hill
1853 Madison Ave
(901) 272-3466

Even though Fino's is just down the street from me, I often forget that it exists. While I was convalescing, one of the derby girls, Kel Diabla, brought me a turkey sandwich from Fino's. It was so yummy that I couldn't wait to get another one.

When Moxie Dynamite came to take me to lunch a few days later, I suggested we go back to Fino's. "Mmmm...Good idea!" she said licking her lips. On that visit I had the most delicious chicken, prosciutto, peppercorn, and cheese bisque ever. And a yummy New York sub. Moxie got a salami sandwich and a spinach turnover. I had a bite of the latter. In the words of Rachael Ray, "Yummo!"

I took half of my sandwich home to Warren because a)I love him and b)I wanted him to say yes the next time I suggested going to Fino's.

It was only a day or so later that I said, "Hey, let's take the monkeys (Satchel, 4, and Jiro, 2) to Fino's for dinner. I saw a bunch of kids in there eating spaghetti the other day."

"Are they even open for dinner?" he asked.

Hmmm...good question.. I called at 5:15pm on a Saturday to happily discover that they were open until 6:30pm. We loaded up the monkeys and rolled in around a quarter to six to find that we had the place to ourselves. The monkeys were really hungry, which was good. They each grabbed a bag of chips and sat at a table by the door while Warren and I decided what to order.

I was really torn between making my way down the sandwich board, trying a pizza, and getting one of the specials. In the end, I went with a plain ol' turkey sandwich. Warren ordered the Fino's sandwich and I got a half order of spaghetti for each of the monkeys. Then I ordered three roast beef sandwiches, one with the sauce on the side, two chicken and rice soups, and mushroom linguine to take to my sister. (She called just as we were leaving and insisted I hook her up.)

A few people filtered in as we waited for our food, but it never got crowded. Between the chips and sips of Sprite, the monkeys remained quite calm. Once the food arrived there was very little talking. Satchel loved the french bread and spaghetti--especially the meatball. Warren and I both devoured our sandwiches. Jiro only had eyes for his chips. I greedily stared at his heaping bowl of spaghetti and thought, Mmmm...that sure will taste good when I eat it for breakfast tomorrow.

Once done with his spaghetti, Satchel wandered over to the counter and pointed at a creme filled cannoli. "I want that!" he said.

I got it to go and let him eat it with his fingers as we drove to my sister's house. The next day I had leftover spaghetti for brunch (and dinner). A few days later, I went back for a pizza with Angelina Rolie. And a cannoli.

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Stephanie said...

When I was pregnant with Connor, the only foods that made me sick were asparagus and a sandwich I had at Fino's. Sadly, I've had trouble getting over it- but I clearly need to!

Susan Hall said...

Is that place still there? I don't get to Mid town very often. I remember when it opened, they specialized in spagetti sauces. The owners were a married couple, and the wife was very italian. The name of the store has something to do with where she was from I think. I will go back and try it again.

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