Wednesday, October 18, 2006

CiCi's Pizza

Today's Flyer features a very truncated version of my "Kids Eat Free" week-long adventure from last month, entitled Do You French Fries Make You Strong? I plan to post the unedited accounts here over the next several days for those of you who simply can't get enough of me and my monkeys (Satchel, 4, and Jiro, 2).

CiCi's Pizza
3474 Plaza Avenue, Suite 1
Poplar Plaza Shopping Center
(901) 452-6225

Buffet Hours 11:00am-10:00pm Daily

All you can eat pizza (16 kinds), pasta, salad, and dessert.
$.99 Three and under
$3.18 Child Buffet
$4.29 Adult Buffet

Grand total for me and the monkeys: $9.24

We hit CiCi's at 5:45pm on a Monday night. It was about a third full and I actually spotted several people without children dining. (There was a very large woman next to us in line and Satchel pointed to her generous hindquarters and smiled.) There's numerous seating options--tables, booths, stools, and even a couple of picnic tables. There's several vending machine/games scattered around as well as a game room. A TV is positioned on either side of the dining room--one tuned to the news and the other to cartoons.

The salad bar was impressive--two types of lettuce, several enticing toppings (banana peppers), and lots of dressings to choose from. The pasta bin was almost empty, but there was enough for the monkeys. There's a choice of alredo or red sauce to go on top. Sixteen different pizzas to choose from, all seemingly fresh and hot. BBQ, hawaiian, salad on top, spinach, veggie, pepperoni, jalapeno, no sauce, etc. (100% real mozarella, freshly prepared sauce, freshly made dough, garden fresh vegetable toppings.) Plus garlic bread. Desserts included brownies sprinkled with confectioner's sugar, apple cinnamon pizza, and strudel.

Drinks were $.99 so we opted for water. We did end up with one green cup (as opposed to clear) which Jiro immediately set out to fill with Hawaiian Punch. The ice machine got stuck as Jiro was filling his cup and the boys happily watched as the floor got covered with ice.

Jiro had two bathroom runs, one resulting in the largest poop I've ever seen. Bathrooms were fairly clean. Hot water was scalding and someone left a pile of relish packets outside the door. Satchel saw a friend from school. The place was very lively and no one even noticed when Jiro took a few moments to roll around on the floor or make a run in the kitchen. Satchel had a hard time keeping his hands to himself and was caught picking at the brownies on the dessert bar on more than one occasion.

Satchel had four pieces of garlic bread, one slice of pepperoni, some plain pasta with parmesan sprinkled on it, and 1.5 brownies. Jiro had two slices of pepperoni, two Hawaiian punches, and one brownie. I had a small salad and three small slices of pepperoni. It kind of sucked having no official leftovers since the monkeys invariably ask, "What's for dinner?" when we get home from eating at most restaurants. As a pre-emptive measure, I stuck one large piece of pizza that Jiro took one bit out of in my purse. (He ended up eating it before we got home.)

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