Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The unedited "day seven" of Do French Fries Make You Strong?

Poplar near Highland

5 cheeseburgers and 5 shakes: $6.68

I noticed the ".69 Cheeseburgers, shakes, hot dogs, Wed & Sun" sign last week after eating at CiCi's. I've never been to Checker's before, but I figured that had to be a pretty good deal. Since I was on the last day of my "kids eat free" week, I hadn't eaten all day, and I just happened to have a car full of kids, I decided to try it out.

"Who wants a milk shake?" I asked the monkeys (Satchel, 4, and Jiro, 2) and their two cousins (Sutton, 6, and Branch, 9).

"Me! Me! I do! Me!" they responded.

"Anybody want a cheeseburger?"

"Yes! I do! Yes! Yes!" they responded.

I pulled up to the window and said, "I'll take 5 chocolate shakes and 5 cheeseburgers."

"I want vanilla," my nephew said.

"Me too!" said my niece.

"And me!" said Satchel.

Before Jiro could chime in, I ammended the order. "Make that four vanilla milkshakes and one chocolate. And five cheeseburgers." I thought for a second. "Make four of those plain. No just ketchup."

"I like ketchup and mustard," my nephew said.

"Okay four with ketchup and mustard and one with everything," I said.

The voice in the box was annoyed and confused, but we got it right.

"Can I have French fries?" my nephew asked.

"There will be no French fries," I said.

I pulled up to the second window and handed over my $6.68. I felt pretty awesome for treating everyone to burgers and shakes for less than $7.00.

The dude handed me the shakes and I immediately began putting the straws in. "It's kind of small," my nephew said.

"Well it's 12oz more than you had a minute ago."

He couldn't argue with that logic. I passed them around, got my change, and put the sack of cheeseburgers on the floor. "No burgers til we get home," I said.

"Why?" they asked.

"Because you will make a mess," I said.

I pulled onto Poplar and headed home. By the time we got to East Parkway, I had finished my shake and was ready for my burger.

"Why do you get to eat yours?" my nephew asked.

"Because I'm the driver," I said.

"Well then you really shouldn't eat it if you are the driver," he said.

Before I could say anything to dispute him, my niece said, "She can drive with her other hand."

"That's right," I said between bites.

When we got in the house, my nephew sat down and ate his burger. My niece said she'd take hers home with her. Satchel said he wanted a hamburger not a cheeseburger. Jiro ran towards the DVD player and showed no interest in eating his. (They had been eating all morning at my mom's house.) So I ate Jiro's and left Satchel's on the table in case he changed his mind, which he did about two hours later.

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